Spring Break Projects | The Nerd Nest

Spring Break is coming up, so we’re planning a week of awesomeness to keep the kids engaged. We’ll do plenty: our friends are coming from out of town to stay with us for Planet Comicon, Jake took Saint Patrick’s Day off so we can walk to the big parade, Eliza has a robotics competition and her first soccer game of the Spring season is that week too. We’ll also fill the time by going to some of our favorite places like Science City and The Nelson.

But it’s not really the going places and doing stuff that my kids love the most–it’s the extra time to do projects. Here are a few I’m considering tackling with the kids:

  • I think this yarn heart tutorial would translate well to shamrocks!
  • I have a project idea that uses friendship bracelets, and I’ll bet Eliza would like to make them with me. This heart friendship bracelet looks like it would be fun to try!
  • We’ve been saving up toilet paper rolls, and we’re planning on painting them into characters an gluing popsicle sticks onto them to make little puppets! These toilet roll cats will serve as inspiration.
  • Another fun toilet paper roll project: Japanese flying carp.
  • Pretty much all of these engineering projects look like they’d be a blast.

I’m looking forward to trying some of these with the kids! Of course, if we finally get it to be warm around here, I reserve the right to forgo everything and just go to the park all of the days.