Planet Comicon | The Nerd Nest 1

We recently attended what’s become one of our favorite nerd adventures of the year: Planet Comicon. This year was extra exhausting with three kids (our foster baby LOVED all of the stimulation), but it was so worth it.

Planet Comicon | The Nerd Nest 2

Here were a few highlights:

-We got in and oriented just in time to make Karen Gillan’s panel. Eliza was a little bummed that the question lines were too long for her to get a turn, but I think it’s so cool and brave that she loves to ask questions at these things in front of a room packed with people.

-There were some really excellent cosplayers! Gambit is my favorite comic book character, and there was a 100% on point Gambit. Jonas was so excited about Optimus Prime. Eliza loved a kid her age dressed as the 10th Doctor with a K9 robot. Good stuff.

-The giant Lego Gotham City.

-Nerding out with our friends Megan 2, Ryan, and their little baby Harley.

-Finding a Walking Dead Compendium 1 for 50% off! Those things are pricy. Otherwise we didn’t buy any other comics or graphic novels, because finding something well priced takes time and concentration and, again, three kids.

-Watching the kids make purchasing decisions. My dad gave them cash to spend here for their birthdays and they both cleaned up pretty well.

-Running into my uncle and his family.

Planet Comicon | The Nerd Nest 3

-Talking with artists and crafters.

-Seeing so many people interact with Jonas as Pikachu. He met and took pictures with other Pikachu lovers and got “caught” a few times when people grabbed his Pokéball and threw it to him to “catch” him. Adorable.

-Eliza dressed up as Peter Pan so that she’d go with the baby, who wore the Tinker Bell costume my mom made for Eliza when she was a baby. That thing is awesome, and I’m glad that it got another run.

Planet Comicon | The Nerd Nest 4

-Being with our people.