In 2013, I documented using Ali Edward’s Day in the Life concept monthly and it was one of my favorite projects ever. For the third year, I’m repeating the project. On the 4th of each month, I’m going to document my everyday life. I like having a set day because I won’t worry about finding a “representative” or “normal” day. Wherever the 4th falls, that’s what I’ll document. (In 2013 I documented the last day of the month, in 2014 I documented the 15th. This year, I let a random number generator decide.)

Here’s Wednesday, March 4:

Day in the Life March

I documented more of our morning this time: things like Eliza brushing her hair on a heat vent waiting for the bus, me reading before Jonas woke up, Jake checking his servers and applications for work before leaving home.

The rest of the day was a lot about visiting: hanging out with Poppy (my grandpa, who usually visits on Wednesdays), Jonas and Eliza playing with their friends after school, and a visit from our friend Virgil, who had dinner with us.

There was also a fair amount of playing with our new pets, games with Jonas, a bit of TV watching, reading, quad coptering, and playing dress up.

It was a very typical cold weekday around here–Jonas and I were hermity and didn’t leave the house, but lots of people came to us. Excited for the next Day in the Life which will be full of light and outdoors!