DIY Valentines from Kid Art

I generally have tons of craft projects going on at one time, and right now is no exception. I feel like I didn’t finish much in January outside of the work / memory keeping realm (which is no small feat), but if I keep to my guns, February is going to be a different story.

This weekend, Eliza and I are making Valentines in the same manner as last year’s Doctor Who Valentines. Not sure what the theme will be this year, but I won’t be surprised if they’ll end up being different Doctor Who takes. But who knows, she might bust out some Egyptology or Mount Vesuvius. Because that’s Eliza.

Today I’m braving leading an art project with 21 third graders, which they make for an auction fundraiser–the kids are painting fabric squares, and my wonderful mother and I are making those fabric squares into a quilt. I figure the auction has enough big decorated pieces; I wanted to make something more useable. True to my style, however, that also means that I made it more complicated than it needs to be.

I’m working on finishing up family calendars, because recipients of my handmade Christmas gifts know to expect their presents in February. (Sorry, family.)

If we get any warmish not-windy days, I have some furniture to spray paint and a chair to dye.

I’ve been working on some Batgirl and Joker paintings I hope to finish up soon!

And my best guess is that the giant twin size blanket I’m knitting won’t be done by the end of February, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t add on another few feet.

What craft projects do you have in the works?