My One Little Word for 2015 is Weave.

This time, my word didn’t just appear to me. I had to think about it a lot, mostly because I’ve had a very difficult time the past few months. I wanted a word that would give me strength through the difficulty, but that didn’t have a negative connotation for me. I also didn’t want something that only referred to strength and overcoming, because I felt that would somehow mean that I don’t expect things to get better.

To help me find a word, I brainstormed goals for 2015, big and small. Having what I want through the year on paper really helped me figure out the direction I want to go and what I want to let into my life over the next year. (Spoiler alert: making a project about your goals for 2015 is the Nerd Nest Challenge for January. Look out for that and the rest of the below page Monday.)

January Nerd Nest Challenge | Document Goals -4

I left a blank space so I can add my word now that I’m settled on it.

While there wasn’t a clear common thread running through my goals, I quickly realized that my difficulty in finding my word had a lot to do with loving my life. I’m pretty darn happy; the difficulties come from things that are outside of my control. I have a good base to work with, I just want to add in a few things and tweak them: weave my goals into my life. I also want to work on how I personally approach the hard things so they don’t become a dark cloud over my days.

Weave works for that too. I’m rebuilding relationships with estranged family members after the death of a wonderful person who reconnected us. I imagine my very complicated blended family as a tapestry and repairing these relationships is like weaving loose threads back into the whole.

I also imagine myself weaving that tapestry. While there are very real problems on another side of my extended family, I can help strengthen those relationships by weaving tightly. I can plan and weave a path that is helpful.

There are so many more layers to this word. I want to strengthen my skills as a memory keeper: weaving tales as a story teller. The motion of weaving reminds me of swimming, which I want to do more of this year. The zig zag motion meaning is also important for me to remember as outside forces change my plans: I might be zig zagging because of the unexpected, but my destination remains the same (it’ll just take a bit longer to get there). I also might take the word literally and complete a few weaving projects. (But not those trendy wall hanging things. I totally don’t get those.)

In 2015, I will WEAVE in the good.

Are you participating? What’s your word?

*I have lots of projects and some reflecting to share with you for my 2014 word Savor, but I goofed and it’s all on the wrong computer while I’m on vacation. So I’ll be sharing that next week. You can also check out the posts from my 2013 word Finish.