Rorschach Test-esque Paint Technique - The Nerd Nest  1

I love when Eliza comes home from art class at school armed with a new technique she can’t wait to teach me. Last week, she showed me how to make Rorschach Test / inkblot looking things with paint.

Rorschach Test-esque Paint Technique - The Nerd Nest  2

All you do is fold a piece of paper (we used heavy cardstock), add blobs of paint in alternating colors in the crease, then re-fold the paper again. The paint is trapped in the paper, and you spread it from the crease outward with a flat device or your hand. Open the paper back up for a surprise design!

Rorschach Test-esque Paint Technique - The Nerd Nest  4

The results are pretty cool. I love techniques like this. You never know quite what you’re going to get, but you get better at controlling aspects of your outcome with practice. I started with complementary colors, but moved to primary colors so that the overlapping parts would be more pleasing.

Rorschach Test-esque Paint Technique - The Nerd Nest  3

The above try was my favorite from the bunch. I think it looks like a bug-like alien. I can see The Silence in there too (fellow Whovians, you know what I’m talkin’ about). Don’t use that to psychoanalyze me: the Rorschach Test is basically pseudoscience, even though it’s still used.

Rorschach Test-esque Paint Technique - The Nerd Nest  5

Eliza made some pretty darn cool pieces too. Also, obviously her art teacher rocks.

Rorschach Test-esque Paint Technique - The Nerd Nest  6

Jonas painted along and did his own thing. He’s going through his dark phase. Hah! I love it.

Have you learned any fun new techniques lately?

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