Holiday Album from a Vintage Book | The Nerd Nest

This year I’m participating in my version of Ali Edwards’s December Daily project. Like last year, I started before December so I could document Thanksgiving too.

I batched my first week of pages all at once and kept them very simple with 4 inch wide photos (on per page), wood numbers backed in white cardstock for each day, a white cardstock mat when needed, and spots for journaling.

Holiday Album from a Vintage Book | The Nerd Nest - Title Page

I wanted my title page to give a little hint as to the purpose of the album, so I included the holiday range that the book will cover.

Tip: When right-justifying your title, start at the end of the word and work your way left. I have to write the word down on a scratch piece of paper (or, if I’m not sure on spelling, on my phone) first so I don’t misspell it going backwards.

Holiday Album from a Vintage Book | The Nerd Nest - Nov 23

I started with the 23rd, because my extended family had an early dinner together for Thanksgiving (though we didn’t have Thanksgiving food). I wrote about how happy I was to see my family, but how it also made me sad that our get-togethers are no longer at my great-grandpa’s. It doesn’t feel the same.

The red and green background papers were a bit too Christmasy, so I added the November card and used neutral paper to try to move the feel of the pages into autumn.

Holiday Album from a Vintage Book | The Nerd Nest - Nov 24 and 25

The 24th and 25th are just everyday stories about the kids: Jonas and I going on a photo scavenger hunt for his ABC book and Eliza and I painting away.

I added part of a journaling card on the left because the background paper was busy, but wrote right on the cardstock on the right.

Holiday Album from a Vintage Book | The Nerd Nest - Nov 26 and 27

For the 26th, I documented making hand turkeys with my sister and niece Ava. I’ll include one Ava’s hand turkeys into my Project Life album.

The 27th was Thanksgiving and I was having trouble deciding on how to document it (we went THREE places). I decided to leave the story of all of the Thanksgivings to my PL album and chose one of my favorite little stories from the day, about the kids and their cousin working together to figure out how to get a log into their treehouse at Poppy’s.

Holiday Album from a Vintage Book | The Nerd Nest - Nov 28 and 29

The 28th was Thanksgiving #5. The story: my dad and I watching the Star Wars VII trailer and discussing it at length. (My love of nerd culture comes from this side of the family. I also spent a long time talking to my Uncle Brad about comics and fantasy novels.)

The 29th was a randomly gorgeous day, and Jake and I took full advantage and walked miles to lunch and a movie.

Holiday Album from a Vintage Book | The Nerd Nest - November

I’m working on just picking one story and one photo per day and not over thinking it. They happen to be all people stories so far, but as I start getting more in the holiday mood for Christmas, I’ll probably be including more about stuff and traditions.

Supplies: Freckled Fawn wood numbers, Very Merry Embellishment Kit, and enamel star stickers // Elle’s Studio Sycamore Lane Memories paper and blank labels // Studio Calico kits // Project Life pens.

If you are stuck documenting the holidays, get Daily Doc: Holiday Edition by Alexandra Rae Design and myself. This digital workbook has 40 prompts to get you thinking about the details of your holidays that you may take for granted. You can use the prompts daily or as needed! They are also great as filler if you are doing a daily project and forget to document a day. It’s on sale for only $4.99 through December 18th.