Soccer Season Overview | October Nerd Nest Challenge 5

This is the last week of the kids’ Autumn soccer season and I am just now finishing their Spring season recap pages.

There’s nothing wrong with that. Gaps are normal. But, whoa does it feel good to have an album completed from start to finish.

I used the fill in your gaps challenge from last month to motivate me to finish up those last few in-between sort of pages that were unfinished in my second Project Life album of this year. Today I’m sharing the two soccer recap pages. Come back Thursday Saturday for a video flip through of the whole album!

Soccer Season Overview | October Nerd Nest Challenge 4

For Jonas’s page, I captured a lot of the side-line action and carrying him around, because that’s a big part of 3 year-old-soccer. This first soccer season for him was both hilarious and exhausting. Three is probably a little too young, but he had fun with his friends, running his heart out, and it kept him from being upset and jealous during Eliza’s games (last year it was so hard to keep him off of the field while Eliza was playing).

I used this page to bust through some of my card stash, pulling out mustard yellows and dark blues. Then I grabbed a few cards from Midnight for journaling space. Gathering cards by color or tone is a great way to get products from a variety of manufacturers to work together.

Soccer Season Overview | October Nerd Nest Challenge 6

Nothing says running around in circles like these arrows. Use icons to help tell your story!

Soccer Season Overview | October Nerd Nest Challenge

I’m actually glad that I made Eliza’s page now instead of in the Spring, because a lot of rules changed for them this season. As they get bigger there are more kids to a side, bigger fields, and more rules enforced. The perspective allowed me to reflect on that season as a season of “lasts”: last season with the parent tunnel at the end of games, last season without goalies, last season without refs, last season without off-sides, etc.

The green of Eliza’s uniform and the green of the grass clashed terribly, so I used pink. Next time you are stuck on a color to choose, bust out a color wheel. The color opposite from your color on the wheel is complimentary. (Bonus: Eliza’s socks were pink, so it was really a no-brainer.)

Soccer Season Overview | October Nerd Nest Challenge 2

Stamps are a great way to use more color if you don’t have quite enough of the color you want to use in supply. You don’t have to spend a fortune to have a big variety of inks. Except for the few colors I use the most (grey and black), I buy tiny little ink pads, like these, these, and especially these to get a wide range of color available to me.

Soccer Season Overview | October Nerd Nest Challenge 3

I’m glad that last season is in the books and I’ll be even gladder when the last games are over this weekend. I’m not looking forward to games in freezing weather!

Basic Supplies: Midnight Core Kit, November Oh Deer Me kit, Jet Black StazOn Ink, Studio Calico kit cards, Kelly Purkey cards, Freckled Fawn retro star paperclips, Project Life journaling pens, Design A page protectors, Project Life corner rounder.

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Catch Up with Project Life

Registration for Catch Up with Project Life, the workshop I’m teaching with Annette Haring and Trisha Harrison, has been extended through November 19th! Here are a few things students have been saying about the class:

This class is fabulous! I cannot believe the amount of information you share with us. So many handouts! Yay…I love having all of the information available to print as I like to have a binder for each of my BPC classes. Love it! You are inspiring and I want to thank each of you for being here to share all this with us!

Just wanted to add to the thread here to say a huge thank you for a truly fantastic course. I’m loving it, and already getting sad that we only have a short while left to go! I have got my inspiration back, and have caught up with many pages since starting this course. Which also means that I have been finding time for me – time to be a bit creative and to do what I want to do.

I have done many online PL classes – all of which I have enjoyed – but you girls have a secret ingredient somewhere that has really pushed me forward and reintroduced me to the PL.

So thank you!

This has been the absolute best online class I have ever taken besides Ali’s Hello Story so that is saying a lot! I take a ton of online courses and cannot believe all of the info and time that has been put into it. I am sad that it’s only 3 weeks long but I know I will be referring back to this for a long time

If you’d like to Catch Up with Project Life too, sign up before it’s too late!

Thank you to all of the wonderful students who have been making this class so amazing for me to teach!