Confessions of a Class Junkie Vol. 13 | The Nerd Nest

I take a silly amount of memory keeping classes online and I’m here again to share my takes with you!

This time I have takes from 30 Days of Lists by Kam and Amy, takes for Kristin’s‘s and my workshop My Details, a take from Big Picture Classes’s Here and There Inspiration by Kelly Purkey and Amy Tan (now closed) and a few pages for Ali Edward’s Prompts Story Stamp theme.

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September 2014 #30Lists | The Nerd Nest

#30Lists September 2014 | The Nerd Nest

30 Days of Lists September 2014 | The Nerd Nest

30 Days of Lists is a bi-monthly journaling challenge with daily prompts and is one of the workshops I always look forward to most. For September’s lists, I used Design F Project Life protectors, which fit 10 3×4 lists and one title card per side. For lists 21-30, I used Studio Calico cards from my stash and filled them out with the Lovely mini kit.

Having these lists all filled out makes me so very happy. It’s a simple thing, but looking back at the lists I’ve done over the years really shows me clearly how I’ve changed, even if it isn’t otherwise perceptible to me. The September 2014 30 Days of Lists is over now, but you can still sign up and go at your own pace if you want to!

Tip: When you are making all-card pages, consider making a color pattern, like the checker pattern of blue/greens and pink/reds that I made, to pull the page as a whole together.

April Reads + Currently | The Nerd Nest

I have fun going back to the prompts from Kristin‘s and my workshop My Details again and again. We included a lot of suggestions for variations of the prompts in the workshop so that they can be used as prompts for in-depth documenting, but I went with more surface level takes on the reading prompt this time around. I like how starting with a theme can motivate me to bust out a bunch of spreads.

April Reads | The Nerd Nest

My April Reads + Currently list spread has been hanging out in my album nearly finished for months. I took this as an opportunity to fancy up this card and call it a day. All it needed was a title and a few strips of washi tape (from an Oh Deer Me kit).

*More about that Venn Diagram in this post.

June Reads | The Nerd Nest

I kept going with the My Details prompt but decided to double dip and use design ideas from Here and There Inspiration by Kelly Purkey and Amy Tan for other reads pages. This page actually covers Week 10 and Week 11 of class assignments.

For the background, I was inspired by the wood pallet trend and used this porch as inspiration for the background. I used an older Amy Tangerine paper, cut the 12×12 paper into 4×4 squares, and turned every other square so that the lines changed directions.

Title Inspired by The Clash | The Nerd Nest

For the title, I used the cover art on The Clash’s London Calling for inspiration for the title. To color the wood veneer letters, I just pressed each letter onto an ink pad.

June Page Turners | The Nerd Nest

Tip: When I make patterned paper by repeating a stamp, I alternate colors (4 in this case) and stagger each row, like each stamp is a brick.

July Reads + the Library | The Nerd Nest

For Week 12 of Here and There, I used some of the products I usually have a bit of trouble with, like the busier of the patterned papers found in Studio Calico 4×6 patterned paper pads and illustrated filler Project Life cards. I documented my July Reads and a family trip to the library.

July Reads | The Nerd Nest

Tip: Cut up a 4×6 piece of patterned paper into four 1.5×4 strips and place them on either side of a 3×4 card to give the illusion that you have two matching card backgrounds.

The Library | The Nerd Nest

Tip: Take pictures of mundane, everyday processes like checking out books at the library. This might not seem too exciting to you, but I’m happy to have this documented when I think of how different the process was when I was a kid versus the self-electronic checkout now!

AE Digital Prompts | The Nerd Nest

Last but not least, I was inspired by the amazing class content that goes with Ali Edward’s Prompts Story Stamp theme. I couldn’t wait for my stamp to be delivered, however, so I went ahead with digital versions!

I used the “around here” prompt to include a lot of bits and pieces of life that didn’t get photographed for this 2011 Project Life page.

Ali Edwards Digital Prompts | The Nerd Nest

I used the “Currently” prompt (which is very lightly in the background of those circle Story Frames, but you can hardly see it in the photo) to document what Jonas was like at nine months. I have a lot of monthly update blog posts about him that haven’t made it in the books yet, which I’m fine with. (Document now, make stuff later. It’ll be there!)

Tip: To get the round photo and “Love You” title, I used a Circle Sentiment and a clipping mask. To learn how to do this in Photoshop, check out this video.

I’d love to know what classes you’re taking or some of your past favorites!

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