Confessions of a Class Junkie Vol. 12 | The Nerd Nest

I take a silly amount of memory keeping classes online and I’m here again to share my takes with you!

This time I have takes from 30 Days of Lists by Kam and Amy, another take from my and Kristin‘s workshop My Details, and takes from two classes at Big Picture Classes: Angie Lucas‘s upcoming Quizapalooza and Here and There Inspiration by Kelly Purkey and Amy Tan (now closed).

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September #30Lists 1-10 | The Nerd Nest

30 Days of Lists is a bi-monthly journaling challenge with daily prompts and is one of the workshops I always look forward to most. For September, I’m using Design F Project Life protectors, which fit 10 3×4 lists and one title card per side. For the first 10 lists, I used the exclusive #30Lists digital kit designed by Alexandra Rae Designs (free for listers who signed up before September) plus number stamps.

I loved these first 10 lists and am so happy that they really catch what I’m thinking about in the moment. I’d answer the prompts differently if I did them on a different day, so I know that I’d answer them REALLY differently if I were doing them in a different year. I like getting things down that I wouldn’t otherwise think to document.

Listing started September 1, but you can sign up any time and catch-up, or start with the current prompt and work your way back. My first time joining in with #30Lists, I jumped on at the tail end and then did the ones I’d missed the next month.

September #30Lists 1-10 using the Alexandra Rae Design Download | The Nerd Nest

Tip: If you have a repeated stamp image that won’t reach across the entire space, try left justifying one row and right justifying the other for balance.

My Style Circa 2001 | #mydetailsclass take from The Nerd Nest

I love going back through the prompts in My Details because they can be used again and again. This is a self-paced class (plus a private Facebook community) by Kristin of rukristin and myself. It’s all about documenting yourself, past and present, in a meaningful way.

I don’t have a ton of photos of myself from my early teens (I hated getting my photo taken), but I want to document at least a little bit about those years. When I was flipping through my unorganized photo box, this one jumped out at me. I decided to use it to tell the story of how I dressed the year this photo was taken (because the photo just about sums it up). I went with a basic list of my most typical style choices.

Most of the products used on this page are older, but you can find those resin plus shapes and the plus and line stamps in the September Oh Deer Me kit.

Tip: This photo was actually posted by a friend on Facebook! Your FB friends just might be an awesome source of old photos for you.

We’re planning on having another round of My Details next Spring, but will be adding to the current class and will be raising the price at that time. If you sign up before the next round, you’ll get all of that additional content essentially free.

My Style Circa 2001 | Document Your Teen Style #mydetailsclass

Tip: Use vellum to tone down a section of a bold pattern that would otherwise overwhelm the page.

My Style Circa 2001 | Layer scraps #mydetailsclass

Tip: When you are layering, go for scraps first rather than cutting into a fresh sheet of patterned paper. If you don’t have a big enough piece for what you need, see if you can stretch it buy cutting it into smaller strips and laying them side by side, as I did for the blue misted scraps.

Documenting Egyptian Artifacts with #projectlife Foil and Lovely editions | The Nerd Nest

Documenting a King Tut Exhibit Using #ProjectLife panoramic pages | The Nerd Nest

King Tut exhibit in #projectlife -- Bring on the gold! | The Nerd Nest

King Tut Exhibit Using #ProjectLife panoramic pages | The Nerd Nest

King Tut exhibit in #projectlife with the Lovely edition | The Nerd Nest

King Tut Exhibit with #ProjectLife panoramic pages | The Nerd Nest

I’m working through Here and There Inspiration by Kelly Purkey and Amy Tan (now closed), a 12 week course all about finding and implementing inspiration. For an assignment about getting inspired by art, I immediately thought of the blindingly beautiful gold and high contrast gold and black designs in the Egyptian art we saw at the Discovery of King Tut exhibit.

I decided to make the page match the artifacts and went for the gold with products from The Lovely mini kit, Foil Value kit, and a few bits from Studio Calico kits. The gold foil is really difficult to photograph and shows up almost black in places, but this spread is so so very pretty in person.

To accommodate all of the photos I wanted to use in this spread, I gave panoramic page protectors a go for the first time. These pages with folding out flaps were perfect for documenting this photo-heavy event. I can get the same amount of extra photos as I would with two inserts by using two panoramic pages, but I like the idea that mixing the panoramic pages and inserts within the same album will insure that all of the extra bulk isn’t just in the middle of the album.

Tip: When you really want to keep the focus on the photos, simplify your design and use fewer embellishments.

About Me Quizes from Angie Lucas's Quizapalooza | The Nerd Nest

Last but not least, I’m gearing up for Angie Lucas‘s Quizapalooza, which starts September 18. I love journaling based classes, and this one is looking like it will be a lot of fun and will spark me to record great stories (Angie is so good at asking just the right question).

Angie gave me a free 5 quiz download to share with you so you can get a small taste of what the class will be like. I went ahead and printed a few to use in my Project Life album (though a few of my answers gave me plans for full pages). These printable quizzes are 5×7, but I cropped them to 3×4 and put them each on a 4×6 card so they’ll work for my PL page. You can make them work for you or can just write down the questions and answer them!

Can’t wait for this class to start, it’s going to be awesome.

I’d love to know what classes you’re taking or some of your past favorites!

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Here’s the deal: because I have friends who teach things and because I teach at Big Picture Classes, I get to take classes for free sometimes. So I end up taking more classes at once than I would if I were paying for them. I’d want to make sure I had time to do ALL of the projects in a given class vs. dipping in here and there if I were working within my crafting budget, so I’d probably limit myself to much less at a time. But as it is, I don’t need to do that, so keep that in mind. I don’t want anyone to feel like they need to be taking a stressful amount of classes. Choose classes based on what you think will be the most inspiring or the best fit for you (and your budget).