Scrapbooking Organization : The Nerd Nest

Having an organized space is so important to me. If my scrap room is organized in a way that helps me find things easily and work effectively, I get SO MUCH MORE done. My space evolves as my style and preferred products evolve. This space is tailored to my workflow and furniture, but hopefully you’ll pick up some ideas you can work into your scrap space!

Scrapbooking Room : The Nerd Nest

My space is situated in half of my weirdly long bedroom. Having it here works for me because I can squeeze in a bit of creating between loads of laundry, I can peak into Jonas’s room easily if he’s playing or picking up, and I can work alongside Jake when he’s coding at his desk, which is situated in the opposite side of the room.

My space centers around an architect’s table I received from my great-grandpa’s office after he retired. I love that I can work standing or sitting on a stool, that the table is deep enough to provide a lot of storage and workspace, and that it looks so darn awesome.

Album Storage : The Nerd Nest

In the other side of the room I have a shelf with my sewing machine and albums, a rolling cart, and a few storage bins. As soon as the nearby IKEA opens this Autumn, I’m grabbing a Kallax shelving unit for this space, because I’m obviously out of storage room for albums. The current shelf was made by my grandpa when I was little and will be moving to Jonas’s room.

Printer Cart : The Nerd Nest

My little rolling cart was a thrift store find and got a facelift with a little spray paint. It holds my wireless printer, photo paper, a photo album with to-scrap photos, a memorabilia box, a wire container with acrylic stamp packs, and a spinning organizer with random bits that could do with some cleaning out.

Bin Storage : The Nerd Nest

On the floor is bins that serve as temporary storage for notebooks, page protectors, and ongoing project folders.

Patterned Paper Storage : The Nerd Nest

My patterned paper is stored in a stacked organizer on this little built-in space. I picked up the organizer from a closing sale at a local scrapbooking store. Each level is for a specific type of paper: the top is paper I’ve bought recently, then next big scraps I intend to use soon, then page protector scraps and to-use-soon photos, then full sized to-use soon papers, then the rest of my 12×12 paper. Because I don’t keep a lot of 12×12 paper, I don’t feel the need to organize it by color or theme. It doesn’t take long to browse through it.

Behind the paper organizer is my paper trimmer. It’s bulky, so I only pull it out when I need it.

Within Arm's Reach Storage : The Nerd Nest

The top of my desk is organized so everything that I use frequently is at an arm’s reach. Things used less frequently are in hidden storage: embroidery floss in the grey metal index box, wet supplies like specialty adhesives and spray mists in a clear box, and inks and punches in one of the library drawers. Going vertical with the storage by stacking makes the clutter more visually pleasing and takes advantage of the space I have.

Oh Deer Me Kit Storage : The Nerd Nest

I joined the Oh Deer Me Freckled Fawn kit club for embellishments this year, and I decided to dedicate a drawer wholly to those kits. I’m much more likely to remember an embellishment I need by kit, so it’s faster than integrating these in with the rest of my embellishments.

Project Life Value Kit and 6x6 Paper Pad Storage : The Nerd Nest

I keep my 6×6 paper pads stacked in a row. I’ve been subscribing to Studio Calico kits for about a year now, and I use the old boxes to store partial Project Life kits I’ve split with friends and Value Kits, which come in less permanent boxes. I keep the most recent SC kit in its box, but the leftovers from past kits get integrated in with other storage.

3x4 Card Storage : The Nerd Nest

I keep my extra 3×4 cards in a little bowl so I can flip through them easily. They’re grouped in sets that I think would look nice together, so I have coordinated cards already to go if I have photos that fit their theme or color tone. They’re also grouped in manufacturer sections.

4×6 cards also have their own bowl, but I have fewer of those, so that bowl also includes small alphabets (arranged by color) and 4×6 paper pads.

Small embellishment storage : The Nerd Nest

Bowls are also my go to for other supplies. I have one for large embellishment packs, one for smaller packs, two for wood mounted stamps, one for flair, one for tiny scraps, and several for loose items like tags and other small bits.

I have some older embellishments in vintage suitcases slipped under my bed, and rotate through the embellishments in the suitcases and those in the bowls often to keep things fresh. I’m very much an “out of sight, out of mind” person, but having limited options helps me to scrap faster because there are fewer decisions to make (and things to look through).

External Harddrives and Project Life Mini Kits : The Nerd Nest

Project Life mini kits and card packs are stacked behind my computer by the external harddrives.

Trash Bowl and Project Life Core Kit Storage : The Nerd Nest

Underneath my table is a big bowl for recycling, my Project Life core kits, a file organizer with things like alphabets, printer paper, and memorabilia, and a few messy stacks of stuff I’m sure I’ll be getting to soonish. (It isn’t ALL organized.)

Embellishment and Tool Drawer : The Nerd Nest

In my smaller (but deeper) drawer, I have a few tools, needles, some more ink, adhesive refills, and flat embellishment sheets I don’t want to bend. These are mostly Kelly Purkey alphabets from her line with Simon Says Stamp, because I pretty much bought them out. I also have a few embellishments in there that I’ve set aside because they’ve given me an idea for a page to make.

Scraps and Most Used Tools Drawer : The Nerd Nest

I use the back of the deep shallow drawer to hold scraps. One section is white and cream cardstock scraps, then smaller patterned scraps, then scraps that I could journal on, then scraps with one size 12×12, then the thin strips that come at the bottom of patterned paper.

Pens and Loose Tools Storage : The Nerd Nest

I usually keep my drawers cracked open while I work, so I keep my most used tools in the very front such as pens, tweezers, a corner punch, adhesive, and scissors. A tray keeps the mess contained, but I don’t really mind that it doesn’t look nice because things are so easy to find. Alongside of the tray are my most used ink pads, post-its, pop dots, and a baggie of eyelets.

Washi Tape and Tiny Embellishment Storage : The Nerd Nest

I put teeny tiny embellishments that would otherwise be lost in the bottom of bowls in an old muffin tin. They’re organized by type: wood letter veneers, decorative clips, brads, and “other.” My washi tape is organized in ROYGBIV fashion in two Studio Calico Project Life boxes with the tops cut off. Decorative tape that is too tall for the drawer is next to the boxes.

My space might look messy even when it is clean, but this open storage really works for me!

What are your favorite ways to store your memory keeping / paper crafting supplies?