This year, I’m participating in Ali Edward’s One Little Word workshop. My word is savor, and I’m sharing a bit about how I connected with savor in the previous two months, how I did with my intentions, and my take on the prompts from Ali.

Here are a few ways I tackled each of my intentions the past two months:

Savor the journey Though there have been some stressful days that had me counting down the hours until the kids’ bedtimes (pretty sure every parent has those), I think I’ve been doing a good job of appreciating the in-between moments, not rushing things as much, and making sure I’m not just rushing from one thing to the next. I think one good example for me was going to the zoo with some friends. Jonas and his friend didn’t really care about the animals at all, they were more into running around together and climbing stuff. Where before I would have gotten frustrated that he was being exhausting, I kept in mind that the point of the thing was to have fun spending time with our friends, and that is totally what was happening.

I’ve also been a lot better of scheduling extra time to build in moseying, so I (and the kids) can stop and look at or check out cool stuff on the way to our destination.

Savor the season I’m not actually a huge fan of summer. (Kansas City is very humid: I’m a Spring / Autumn lover.) But even though I tend to stick to the indoors during summer almost as much as I do in winter, I definitely spent at least some time savoring the season in June and July. My family sat outside to watch for lighting bugs and to listen to the cicadas, we took nice long walks on cooler days, Jake and I took the kids to a spray park, and we went to a nearby lake with Jake’s parents. Where I’m definitely failing on the summer front is swimming. I haven’t gone swimming at all this summer (not counting the lake day). I’ll work to remedy this in August.

Savor lost Bogging for sure hasn’t lost its savor for me (though I did work through a bit of negative feelings about it), but I did realize that I needed to cut back for the summer if I wanted to have time to do everything I want and need to do, so I switched from 5-6 to 3 times a week. I’ll be bumping up to 4 starting this week.

Savor 4 The four of us have been on so many mini adventures the past two months that I can’t even remember everything without looking at pictures (which, of course, is one of the reasons I love memory keeping). We’ve had tons of great brunches together (breakfast food + sleeping in is a house favorite on weekends). We’ve flown a kite (harder than it looks), went to our favorite annual event, the Maker Faire, saw The Discovery of King Tut exhibit, went to the Nelson and the library. We all also did a lot of cool things with friends and family like birthday and holiday celebrations, going to the lake with Jake’s parents, and going to The Sound of Music and a neighborhood Google block party with Paul.

I look back at our summer and see a good balance of weekend adventures and lazy at-homeness with Doctor Who marathons, Lego building, and book reading. (Though, again, also a fair amount of wanting to tear my hair out. In those cases, I get some quiet alone time or do some yoga and I’m back in the swing of things.)

Savor homegrown I wish I was still going to the farmer’s market weekly as I did last year, but I’m still going to either the farmer’s market or the little farmer’s stand in my neighborhood about every other week. That’s still pretty darn good. I’ve been less zealous about the garden in these months (I’ve been a little neglectful), but most of my herbs are still hanging in there, and some of my produce plants have yielded a fruit or two.

Savor relationships This area has been totally rocking lately. As I browse through my photos from June and July, they’re filled with extended family parties, friends coming over for dinner, mini adventures with people we love, and dates. We also joined a community group and I’m excited to start building relationships through that.

Savor every bite So maybe I haven’t been savoring EVERY bite (there have been more than a few quick dinners on nights I am super tired), but the good food I’ve had has certainly been savored. I’ve been keeping up with trying a new recipe a week most of the time (I shared a few of the new recipes I’ve tried here) and have been really enjoying weekly-ish family brunches out and some fantastic food cooked by family.

Savor the moment This intention is all about spending less time stressing out and worrying and more time appreciating what is in front of me. I’ll always be a planner and a worrier, so what I’ve found this year is that I actually do much better with this if I give myself time to focus on the stressful thing fully so that I can think things through, sort through my emotions, or figure out a plan of action that solves a problem. This has meant a few Saturday mornings brainstorming in coffee shops or sitting on the front porch crying by myself. Giving myself this time helps me to not let whatever is bothering or distracting me take over for long periods of time. I can either let something always be sitting in the back of my mind trying to take over, or I can give myself over to it for awhile and get back to enjoying things.

Also, so many kuddos to Jake for knowing exactly what things make me completely happy after I’ve had time to wallow.

Savor the little things Some little things I’ve loved lately: exploring and learning about nature in my backyard with the kids, ripe peaches with juice dripping down my elbow, and listening to summer sounds.

Savor excitement Most of the things that made me excited this month fall into the family adventures category, but there was also things like starting to replay my favorite video game, Final Fantasy VII, starting to share little daily memory keeping tips on Instagram, and having my very first emotional sports experience at a Sporting KC game.

I also enjoyed checking in with my word with the prompts. I usually make each prompt after the month is over, and this time I decided I wanted to swap the August and July prompts. So these are FOR June and July, but they’re actually the prompts for June and August.



June’s prompt was simply filling out a check-in worksheet. I was out of nice white card stock, so I cut some 12×12 down. I accidentally cut it to 8×11 instead of 8.5×11, so I cropped each side down a half an inch and added it to a patterned vellum trimmed to 8.5×11 instead.



August’s had to do with picking song lyrics that speak to your word. I loved Ali’s take, so I repeated her basic card structure and then used stickers from the Studio Calico Music Lover’s mini kit (it was limited edition, I think). Some songs came immediately to mind, but for others I just thought through the music I’ve been listening to lately to see if anything applied.

P.S. This 6×8 page protector fits into the 12×12 Project Life albums!

How are you doing with your word?