Scrapbooking family portraits : The Nerd Nest

I take a silly amount of memory keeping classes online and I’m here again to share my takes with you!

For this round, I’m sharing layouts from Scrapbooking With Style by Kelly Purkey (currently 25% off) and the Big Picture Classes workshop Here and There Inspiration by Kelly Purkey and Amy Tan (now closed).

Documenting family portraits : The Nerd Nest

This page was inspired by one of Kelly’s awesome pages in Scrapbooking With Style. It features some family photos we took in 2011. Though I love candid everyday photos, I really cherish the photos of all of us together and individually, because we’re spending more time to get just the right shot. There’s less of a story with these kinds of photos, but I love getting a view of what we all look like at a specific point in time.

Tip: Don’t be afraid to make designs your own in classes that teach you to make a specific page! The original page had a single small photo, but I’m not one for leaving a lot of empty space on the page, so I made it my style by using a larger photo and a strip of photos at the top of the page.

Inspired by Scrapbooking with Style by Kelly Purkey : The Nerd Nest

I’m altering the layouts to fit my own supplies (though the class does have an optional add on of a cool Basic Grey kit–also on sale right now) and my own style, but I’m enjoying the challenge of getting a bit outside of my usual techniques, especially with embellishing.

Inspired by BPC Workshop Here and There : The Nerd Nest

The rest of the pages I’m sharing this round were inspired by Here and There Inspiration. This page is for Week 4 and was inspired by this front stoop. I used the inspiration image to choose the colors, textures, and materials on my page, which is about hanging out in our hammock with Jake’s brother serenading us.

Make one photo black and white in a color photo collage to make it stand out : The Nerd Nest

Tip: To make one photo stand out in a collage of equal sized photos, convert the focal photo to black and white (or convert all others to black and white and leave one in color).

Use up the rest of a sticker pack on one page! : The Nerd Nest

Tip: Challenge yourself to finish off an old sticker pack. I used 16 stickers from one sheet, slipping some partially behind layers, adding them in rows, and used them to direct the eye around the page.

Using Project Life for the Past 1

For Week 5, I was inspired by the colors in sunsets and by flora. I also used natural wood and cork textures to continue with the nature theme. Even though my photos from this 2011 Project Life page aren’t nature focused, the theme still works well with the colors of the photos.

Using Project Life for the Past 2 : The Nerd Nest

Tip: Combine multiple hand cut stamped images to create your own embellishments.

Using Project Life for the Past 3: The Nerd Nest

Tip: Add a small stamped image to a journaling card to add more color to your pocket–I needed this green to create a visual triangle!

Using Project Life for the Past 4: The Nerd Nest

Tip: Let some of your embellishments free! Letting a few things stick out of a pocket can make your grid page feel a bit more organic.

Project Life Page Inspired by a Magazine 1 : The Nerd Nest

For Week 6, I documented Eliza’s bit of modeling for a toy catalogue (one of our friends worked for the company and she got paid in toys–best deal ever).

Project Life Page Inspired by a Magazine 2 : The Nerd Nest

Project Life Page Inspired by a Magazine 3 : The Nerd Nest

I used the design of the catalogue covers to inspire elements on the page, like the tilted journaling spot that mimics the tilted logo and the flair that mimics the circle of text. I also used the colors found on one of the covers.

Scrapbooking Work Events 1 : The Nerd Nest

Week 7 was all about technology, and I documented Jake’s work developer conference.

Scrapbooking Work Events 3 : The Nerd Nest

Tip: Take a screenshot of your schedule to document an event!

Scrapbooking Work Events 2 : The Nerd Nest

Tip: House embellishments inside shapes in your patterned paper.

Color centric Project Life : The Nerd Nest

Document Relationships in Project Life : The Nerd Nest

For Week 8, about documenting relationships, I added a special relationship story to a Project Life page.

Combine 2 3x4 cards in a 4x6 Project Life pocket : The Nerd Nest

Tip: Tape two 3×4 cards together on the back side and use them in a 4×6 pocket. Tie them together further by having an embellishment, like this label sticker, overlap both cards.

*Supplies for these pages are mostly from Studio Calico kits and Oh Deer Me kits.

Most of these pages are for my 2011 weekly Project Life album, and I thought it would be fun to show how they went into the album! I had a few 12×12 pages from 2011 to work around, so I got creative expanding the weeks a bit.

Integrate Past Pages into a Project Life album: The Nerd Nest

Project Life meets Traditional Scrapbooking : The Nerd Nest

Traditional scrapbooking together with Project Life : The Nerd Nest

I loved making these pages for Scrapbooking With Style and Here and There Inspiration! I can’t wait to make even more for these workshops.

I’d love to know what classes you’re taking or some of your past favorites!

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