Picking up the violin again #megandoes52projects

Each month, my friend Kristin hosts the Awesome Ladies Project on her blog. It is all about dedicating two hours a month creating a project that makes you feel like an awesome lady. Kristin is doing her two hours the last Friday night of every month, but it’s a do-it-when-it-works-for-you sort of a project. I’m in.

I decided to dedicate at least the first few months of my Awesome Ladies Project time to things that have made me feel awesome in the past that have fallen out of my life. I’d like to use this as an opportunity to invite those things back in. I’m also doubling up and using them as part of my 52 Projects for the year. This time I went far far back and decided to pick up something I haven’t done since the seventh grade: play violin.

Picking up the violin again #megandoes52projects

I decided to dedicate two hours to getting familiar with playing again and I was surprised at how much came back after 14 years! I downloaded a free tuner app so I could tune the instrument and get familiar with my finger placement again–the tuner would tell me if I was flat or sharp. I read up a bit to remember how to read sheet music. I remembered the easy “Every Good Boy Does Fine” and “FACE” mnemonic devices for reading the staff on my own, but reading some helped me to be able to read the notes without having to think about them as much. Then I played through all of the beginner violin songs on a free sheet music site called 8 Notes.

It wasn’t amazing. It wasn’t pretty. It was a little screechy. But it’s a good start. I bet I’ll be back to where I left off in no time!

Is there any hobby you used to love that you’d like to invite back into your life?

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