So, I cut off most of my hair. Or, rather, Virgil did. Beauty posts from me are super rare (because you probably don’t want to hear anything about beauty from a person who owns no make-up and wears pajamas most days), but this is kind of a big deal, so I’m sharing anyway.


This is how much came off!!! It’s headed to Locks of Love this week.


I gave Virgil complete freedom–carte blanche–with the cut because, let’s face it, I don’t know what I’m doing. He picked the perfect cut for my face and (more importantly) my complete lack of skill or desire to fix my hair. The picture of me holding my pony tail is right after he cut and styled it, but the rest of the photos feature the following styling routine: take a shower, run fingers through wet hair to sort of brush it, let it dry, and that’s it. (Don’t worry, I’ll actually brush my hair sometimes too.)


This no-styling-necessary thing is a big deal to me, and is entirely dependent on how good the cut is. I’ve had a similar style before (2007?), but my hair flipped in all sorts of weird directions then. Virgil razor cuts and is rad with layering, so instead of going off in weird directions, the natural slight waves in my hair fall right into place with no effort. I don’t care about the way I look enough to, you know, do something about it daily, but damn it feels good to look nice by default.

I really can’t recommend Virgil enough if you’re in the Kansas City area. This isn’t sponsored in any way, but he’s the only stylist I’ve ever been comfortable with and does amazing work. If you’ve noticed an improvement in Jake’s hair over the past year, it’s because of Virgil. My mom has also been going to him for cuts and color. And I’m just going to keep sending people his way.

Hooray for awesome haircuts and the awesome people who make them happen!


P.S. Might as well get in a family picture in too since the big camera was out and my mom was there to snap one. Thanks mom!