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I love sharing things by my friends, and you’re about to get a bucketful of awesome blogging and writing resources they’ve come up with lately!

  • Kristin from rukristin papercrafts covers blog writing basics with 5 Ways to Improve Your Blog Writing. If you’re looking for a place to start; now you’ve found it!
  • Sometimes it can be hard to know how to grow your blog and what direction your should take it. Whitney of Modern Whit wrote about her thoughts on growing her business, and her blogging “to do” list for the summer is a great checklist for anyone wanting to get better at this blogging gig.
  • Elise at Elise Joy always has great blogging and small business advice, and her 3 Things I know to be true about blogging is no exception. If you’re struggling with authenticity or feeling a bit “what’s the point?” this post is for you.
  • One of the most important things to practice to become an established blogger–after stellar content, of course–is consistency. Amy of Lemon and Raspberry shares 5 Easy Ways to Blog Consistently so that you are more professional as a blogger.
  • If you’re getting a case of blogger burnout (as is apt to happen in the summer months), Kam of Campfire Chic has a great resource for you. Her new e-course Spark** is all about getting back blogging passion. It’s delivered through a daily email with a different lesson, action, and/or activity for 30 days. I purchased the course and am waiting to start it until June 1st–because June is going to be all about blog improvement for me and I need the push (even if I’m not burnt out).
  • Kristin of My Life as a Teacup shared where she writes and how it helps her get into the writing zone. Do you have a writing place that helps the words flow for you?
  • Jesse of the band The Sexy Accident has awesome lyric writing advice that can translate to any creative writing: use the right, weird word. (P.S. Only a few days left to pre-order Lavender 3, The Sexy Accident’s pop album as a hardback book!)
  • If you’re in need of a (lot) more writing resources, Serena from A Girl Named Sue has a 63 Distractingly Delightful Tips for Writers download available for free when you sign up for her mailing list!

What posts have you been loving from your friends lately? Do you know of some awesome writing and blogging tips posts?

This is NOT a sponsored post. I just love spreading the love. That said, if I have an affiliate link to my friends’ stuff, I’m gonna to use it. Affiliate links are distinguished in this post with a **