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This year, I’m participating in Ali Edward’s One Little Word workshop. My word is savor, and each month I’ll share a bit about how I connected with savor in the previous month, as well as how I did with my intentions and my take on the month’s prompt from Ali.

Savor March | One Little Word | The Nerd Nest

March was an excellent month for savoring. There were awesome family brunches, a few great dates, lots of hanging out with friends and family, a visit from out-of-town friends, lots of making stuff, and great events like Planet Comicon and the start of soccer.

It wasn’t perfect. My cat got a bladder infection, which resulted in a lot of care and gross pick-ups for the poor guy. Both our cars got wrecked, which was stressful (but at least not expensive, as we weren’t at fault). Where I really struggled was keeping a work / life balance, as I was preparing for two April classes in March (My Details and Project Life Lessons), so my working hours were extended. It’s hard to keep savoring with the stress of a long to-do list looming over my head or with roadblocks thrown in my way, but most of the time I did it. And I’m proud.

Here are a few ways I tackled each of my intentions last month:

Savor the journey I appreciated long walks to get to destinations, sporadic dates that were just about being together and less about what we were actually doing, and walking down a neat road I’d never walked down (one of my goals for the month!).

Savor the season March was mixed weather wise. By March I was grumpy about the snow and went into hermit mode, but every day it felt like Spring I got outside. Jake and I took the kids to the park, we walked to have dinner at restaurants in our district, we hung out in the back yard, I took Jonas on walks, and I took the kids to the Saint Patrick’s Day parade. I was out in the world as much as possible.

March was also the perfect time for watching sunsets and sunrises, because the timing was perfect for my schedule. I stopped and watched every one I could. I also got silly amounts of excited every time a Spring flower bloomed.

Savor lost I didn’t really feel like there was anything I needed to let go of in March, but the snow had lost its savor, I’ll tell you that.

Savor 4 There were a lot of things that made me appreciate being a family of four with the kids at the ages they are now, but the main ones are brunches (it is so much easier to take Jonas to restaurants at three) and taking both kids to Planet Comicon. I love that we’re finally to the point with Jonas where we can go as a family to big events and it is not at all stressful. Well, mostly not stressful. Jonas’s nickname is “flight risk,” so we have to keep a very close eye on him.

Savor homegrown I got to the farmer’s market about half of the time this month, which is better than nothing! Unfortunately, the Sunday market is slim pickin’s and the neighborhood stands haven’t opened up yet, so if something keeps us on Saturdays (like soccer games), it’s hard to get there. I also bought starter plants and heirloom seeds to get the garden going.

Savor relationships March was all about savoring and celebrating relationships. Jake and I celebrated our 10th dating anniversary and went on a bunch of dates this month. We went to a big Anderson family party on Saint Patrick’s Day. I celebrated my great-grandpa’s 86th birthday. I got to watch both of my baby nieces a few times. Our out-of-town friends Megan 2 and Ryan came and stayed with us for a weekend. We had a few random cousin visits and lots of hang outs with friends (both Jake’s and my friends and the kids’ friends spent a lot of time here this month). I feel so thankful to get to spend so much time with people I love.

One thing I did for work / relationship balance was not spend time with my family sometimes. Sounds weird, right? By that I mean that I didn’t go with Jake and the kids to a few outings to the park and things, so that I could stay home and get a big chunk of focused work done versus being distracted and not doing the work or the family thing well when everyone is together.

Savor every bite Big work months tend to mean less cooking and more eating out / simple meals, and this month was no exception. But I still savored baking a few things with little chef Jonas, weekend brunching (mostly at Happy Gillis, which Jonas and I are absolutely obsessed with), and some really delicious homecooked meals. (More on March in food here.)

Savor the moment I am honestly not as good at this when I’m busy. I do stop and take in moments whenever I can, but I remember to do this less when I have a to-do list constantly running in my head. One solution for this was to actually write my to-do lists down. Separate lists for blog stuff, other work stuff, and house / personal stuff helped me to not worry I was forgetting something and helped me only focus on just the realm where I was currently.

I also focused on relaxing and just having fun. I’m sort of an uptight person by nature, and it’s unusual for me to forget myself and just play. I did so much better with this in March. My favorite example? Jake and I maaaaay have had a toothpick sword fight at a friends’ concert while our adult friends looked at us like we were crazy. That’s fine: it was the best. Even though one of us accidentally drew blood, which is why this is the sort of thing we would chastise our kids for doing. Hah!

Savor the little things I loved the little amazing moments with the people in my life and let them fill me up. I spent a lot of time feeling lucky and loving the people in my life. I also savored my neighborhood. With both of our cars wrecked and it taking a few days for insurance to get us a rental car, and having one car for most of the month, I savored just how amazing it is that I live within walking distance to pretty much anything I could need. I savored those walks, too.

Savor excitement I had less time to do extra solo just-for-fun things than usual this month (no video games, lots of fun stuff with people I love), but I did get to make awesome stuff, like French monument paintings, crystal nail string art, dyeing onsies and paper, and writing Spring poems.

Savor March | One Little Word | The Nerd Nest

I sort of did my own thing for the prompt assignment in March. Instead of making a vision board, I took a photo every time my word savor came up in the books I was reading. I started doing this in February and continued throughout March. I made a collage of the photos I took and didn’t edit them for colors, and I really love the result. It isn’t only visually interesting, it also shows the variety of meanings my word can take on and really noticing when authors use it helps me to think deeper about how I’m using it. I’m planning on getting this printed in 12×12 through Persnickety Prints and can’t decide if I’m going to slip it into my album as-is or if I’m going to use it as a background for images to create a sort of art journal vision board.

I also made a few pages that relate to my word for My Details, which I’m teaching currently with Kristin of rukristin. That’s what those sneak peaks at the beginning of the post are! The word is such an integral part of my life right now, I couldn’t record my details without having it sneak in here and there.

How are you doing with your word?