I’m going about organizing my Project Life album slightly differently this year. In addition to weekly spreads, I’m making extra “end pages” each month to create room for extra stories (mostly so I don’t go quite so crazy with inserts every week). This will make the albums less bulky in the middle and gives me a bit more freedom for the kinds of stories I’m telling within this album.


Here are February’s extra pages:


Going on here: Jake’s company is giant in Kansas City, and they just built a brand new campus in addition to the others they already have. In February, Jake’s team moved out to the new campus. The buildings are super fancy, inside and out, and I wanted to capture the change.


Tip: I love layering horizontal 3×4 journaling cards on patterned 4×6 cards, but sometimes they can look like they’re just floating there. That’s fine if you love simple, but I often feel like there’s something missing. To remedy this, I added a circular embellishment* in the corner. Circular label stickers or a circle punched out of patterned paper would work well too!

*After getting to work with the April OhDeerMe Kit by Freckled Fawn, I was going through withdrawal a bit when I’d used it all up over 12 or 13 projects for My Detials (Pssst: there’s a giveaway for a 3 month subscription of the OhDeerMe kit in the class! This giveaway ends April 7!). I was super lucky to have popped over to the shop while a bunch of FF’s past kits were on sale, so I stocked up! So if you’re wondering why there’s Freckled Fawn on pretty much every page here on out, now you know.


Tip: This Studio Calico card was meant to be horizontally oriented, but I needed it to be vertical (and I needed that green!). I overlapped a label sticker and an arrow sticker to the vertical label printed on the card, and I love the result.


Tip: Jake used his phone to take a panorama shot of the new buildings. To print them out, I cropped one side to 4×6, printed it, undid my cropping, and printed the other size out at 4×6 after digitally cropping it. I think it is so fun to spread photos over multiple pockets!


Going on here: Jake took photos of the moon, Jake’s “I love my camera” mirror selfie, and my February Reads.


Tip: Writing on the negative space in photos is a great way to include journaling on your pages! The only white pen I’ve ever loved is the Unibal Signo White Gel Pen. It’s super smooth and works great on glossy and matte surfaces (though I do let it dry for a bit either way: it can smear).


Tip Include to similar photos with a change in focus. In one of my reads photos, my face is in focus but the books are blurry. The other photo features the books clearly but removes me from the picture.



Going on here: Some fancy buttermilk pancake making and a cute story about Jonas. When he’s rude, demanding, or breaks down when asking for something, we tell him to ask “nicely.” So now when he asks for something he includes the word: “Please? Nicely!!!!”

Tip: Include the imperfect photos if they’re what you have to tell the story. The photo of me making pancakes is super blurry, but that’s just fine.

Tip: Use portraits without much story behind them to tell a story from around the same time that doesn’t have photos. It’s like memory keeping matchmaking!



I included an insert for all of my Currently Cards for February (I’m filling out one every weekend). I love having a peek into the details of each week.

Tip: If you want to use Project Life Cards for 4×4 square pockets, like those found in this Design I Insert, there are two great options: Either cut down a 4×6 card or adhere two overlapping 3×4 cards together. For the front of the Currently insert, I sliced a Project Life card in half and adhered it to either side of the currently card to make the two cards fill a 4×4 space. I even use the 4 inch side of another card as a guide so the adhered together cards were sure to be just the right size!

On the back side of the insert, I used white cardstock and added big washi tape from Freckled Fawn to both sizes of the cardstock before sticking my currently card down.

Savor February Recap | The Nerd Nest


I created the first page for my One Little Word assignment in February. I used the text from my February Savor Recap post on the back.

Tip: When working with translucent background papers, line up elements on the back with solid elements from the front! This will ensure that your adhesive doesn’t show and that weird shapes don’t show through to compete with your design on the other side.

*I’m not sharing the last end page for February because it’s for the My Detials workshop!

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