Jake and I have found some cool (nerdy) stuff on the web lately. Here’s some of it for you to enjoy!

  • Think brown sand is boring? Think again! It is gorgeous under a microscope.
  • If you’re in America, you can enter your zip code into eNature for a field guide of the common species in your area! I found some of the birds that hang out in my yard through their songs: black-capped chickadees, northern cardinal, and (my favorite) morning doves.
  • How freaky is this? Some of the leather bound books in Harvard’s rare book collection are actually bound in human skin. Obviously those book binders never watched Evil Dead. (Because it was a bazillion years before it was made, I know. Let me have my joke.)
  • I was so excited to learn that Nicholas Brendan (Xander) is writing some of the Season 10 Buffy comics!
  • Amazing science fair project from teen that saved his school thousands (and could save you money too)!
  • I was obsessed with dinosaurs when I was a kid, and I love finding out about new discoveries in paleontology as an adult. So when John Green dropped some knowledge about velociraptors, I was pretty excited.
  • My family tries to make ethical decisions when shopping, but we don’t always make the grade. How to Shop Responsibly made me think about some of my buying decisions through a new lens.
  • Think Pi is special? Think again.
  • And, just because, I love this One Song, Twenty Styles video.

What interesting things have you found around the web lately?

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