Cool Stuff by Cool People | April 2014 Hello Friends at the Nerd Nest

I love sharing things about my friends, and you’re about to get a bucketful of awesome with what they’ve been up to lately. Also, this month I have a desk full of awesome because I was able to purchase cool things friends released this month! Here are some of my favorite posts and ventures from April:*

  • Jenny and Aaron of Everyday is a Holiday have their hand painted scrapbooking line The Sweet Life in their shop and I stocked up! I’m making a few cute pages about baker boy Jonas today with it.
  • Elise at Elise Joy has an awesome new venture called MAKE 29 this year. She’s making limited editions of different products each month. April’s release was a stamped print with “do your best” on it. It’s one of Eliza’s favorite phrases, so I picked one up for her room. I can’t wait to see what else Elise makes this year!
  • Rachele from Fat Babe Designs does some rad custom portraits, and I was so pleased to buy one for myself! I love cartoon me.
  • Kara of I just might explode released a motivational zine called 45 Pep Talks. It’s going to be my get-my-butt-into-gear manual for the foreseeable future.
  • My friends in the band The Sexy Accident are releasing their next pop album, Lavender 3, as a hardback art book! Pre-order and watch a promo video on Indiegogo.
  • I love that Kristin from rukristin papercrafts self-esteem and documenting your own story. Her don’t be a selfie hater is an awesome reminder to celebrate you and forget the haters..
  • Amy of Lemon and Raspberry is hosting a free blogging webinar** Thursday, May 15 at 1:00pm PT on building pillar content. Her last webinar was amazing and I can’t wait to tune in to this one! (Make sure you RSVP** if you want in.)
  • Katie from Punk Projects does gorgeous mixed media work. Her Gesso Stamped Cards are lovely and vibrant and remind me that I need to break out the messy mediums more often.
  • April is National Poetry Month! Kristin of My Life as a Teacup shares 5 of her favorite poems to celebrate.
  • We moved the Document Life Workshop stuff over to Allie’s shop, like Inspiration Vacation (which you can win here) and the recipe template set. This week only, use the code NSD2014 for 20% off in Allie’s shop!
  • I loved living vicariously through the New York City Kam of Campfire Chic shared! I’m taking my own NYC trip soon, so I’m using her post for ideas.
  • Whitney of Modern Whit started designing own stamps. She’s doing really cool things with them!
  • Serena from A Girl Named Sue has a great Earth Day suggestion to pick up one more good habit this year! Mine is to start bringing reusable to-go containers with me to restaurants so I don’t have to use styrofoam containers for leftovers.

What posts have you been loving from your friends lately?

*This is NOT a sponsored post. I just love spreading the love. That said, if I have an affiliate link to my friends’ stuff, I’m going to use it. Affiliate links are distinguished in this post with a **