My Details Blog Hop

To give you a taste of what’s to come in our upcoming workshop My Details, Kristin and I invited a few friends to complete a bonus prompt with us on a blog hop! You’ll get an awesome free bonus prompt and inspiration from 16 awesome ladies. It’s going to be a wonderful morning!

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The bonus prompt is:


That might seem pretty simple, but there are so many ways to use this prompt. You can use one of these suggestions to document the prompt or you can come back and do several of them!

Here are a few ways to use the prompt thinking:

  • Document what has been on your mind lately
  • Write about how your brain works (I’ve shared some pages about this in the pre-classroom!)
  • Reflect on your thoughts on a specific topic, current event, or belief
  • List things you used to obsess over
  • Use a pie chart to represent how much of your thoughts are dedicated to the things you think about most
  • Use this prompt as positive self talk and write about why you think you’re awesome
  • As an emotional release, write down the things you think about that bother you. Sometimes getting thoughts out on paper can give them less real estate in your head
  • Write about your personal philosophy: what you think about the world around you and the big questions
  • Interpret how your upbringing or culture affects the way you think
  • Your own take on the prompt

To help you along deciding how you want to interpret the prompt, I’m sharing my takes:

My Details Blog Hop

My Details Blog Hop

Because Kristin and I are doing two takes on each prompt in the class, one to document ourselves in the present and one to document ourselves in the past, I decided to do two takes for this bonus prompt too!

This first take is about my present thoughts. I integrated the journaling for the prompt into a Project Life spread for the last few days of March. The photo of me working at the computer spurred memories of things I’ve been thinking about lately: why I document, how I share, and the benefits and risks associated with both.

The journaling is very simple, but it helps mark my personal growth in my quest for balance between my professional and family life.

Also, notice that I started my journaling with “Lately I’ve been thinking…” This is an excellent starter if the words aren’t flowing! Write in paragraph form around a theme as I did or write a list to include several things you’ve been thinking of!

My Details Blog Hop

My Details Blog Hop

All of my past prompts in the workshop are about high school me, but I’ve been on a 2009/2010 kick the past few weeks, so I decided to document my thoughts during that era. (If we’re being honest, it’s partially because I wanted a good excuse to use that photo.)

I don’t remember a whole lot about the flow of my days in 2009, partially because they were jam packed and I didn’t get much sleep. I really wish I had documented more of the everyday things then, but I’m happy that I have something and I can use what I have to record what I CAN remember before I lose that too.

For the journaling on the page, I started with a milestone marker as a frame of reference for the thoughts I wanted to record. My family had just moved into a loft and it’s much easier for me to remember in terms of big events like that than in dates. I began with the starter, “Things on my mind then:” and listed everything I could think of that I know was on my mind in 2009. I just wrote as things came in my mind, but what I ended up creating was an awesome word picture of the things that made up my life in that year: scrapbooking, teaching my then 3-year-old daughter Eliza pre-school concepts, selling vintage and handmade items on Etsy, what to do with the sociology degree I was working on, my novel manuscript, making the most of limited time with my husband Jake, loving living across the street from a coffee shop, and learning new things. This list isn’t EVERYTHING that I thought of during the year and isn’t even all-inclusive for the most important things (I tend to just write until I run out of room). But it’s a great starter for telling deeper stories about all of these various things that were on my mind during the fuzziest year of my adult life.

Tip: Instead of pulling products that illustrated the things I was thinking about, I used products that mimic the feel of my life at the time. The background paper very much reminds me of a bird’s eye view of the River Market District where we lived, and the buildings represent the lovely Kansas City skyline views from outside my loft and the connection I had with downtown while I lived there. I like that the journaling is a metaphorical “where I was at in 2009” and the papers are a literal take on the same theme.


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Now it’s time to get inspired by the “thinking” details from the rest of the wonderful women on the blog hop:

Don’t forget to share your take on this bonus prompt! Comment with a link to your take or tag your take with #MyDetailsClass on social media so we can find it!