Last year I played along with Ali Edward’s Day in the Life monthly and it was one of my favorite projects ever. This year, I’m repeating the project. On the 15th of each month, I’m going to document my everyday life. I chose to do this in the middle of the month this year instead of the end of the month like last year. This way I’ll get different holidays and will have an opportunity to more easily make a day up if I forget all about it. I also like having a set day because I won’t worry about finding a “representative” or “normal” day. Wherever the 15th falls, that’s what I’ll document.

Here’s Tuesday, April 15th:

Eliza bus


Mom leaving



Morning: I got Eliza off on the bus with only a few hair brushing related tears while Jake and Jonas slept in (we take turns getting up earlier). I felt horrible as soon as I woke up, but decided to use the morning quiet to get some work done with a cup of coffee after Eliza went to school. I checked the My Details Facebook group and did a bunch of administrative stuff. Jake came down and we watched a sitcom (The B in Apartment 23) until Jonas came down. He was really cute and snuggly. He tried to block my mom’s way so she couldn’t leave for work (she’s been staying with us). Jonas also cried when Jake left, which is unusual and a sign that he felt pretty crummy too. It’s not a good time for allergies.

When Jonas and I had the house to ourselves, we snuggled and watched a bit of Pingu. I usually have screen time limits, but when he or I are feeling sick, I have no problem adding on time so we can be borderline catatonic. Then we did a bit of cleaning up (lots of loads of laundry, picking up toys, and left-from-yesterday dishes over the course of the day) and both of us had some creative time. After our drawing / scrapbooking, I had Jonas pick up his room while I uploaded and edited photos. These things make a good combination because I have a good view into his room from my desk. He mostly just made more messes, but that’s okay.

I also tried using the Neti pot for the first time, which didn’t help much the first day, but has gotten me completely off of sinus medication for the rest of the week. (Thanks for the recommendation, Instagram friends!) Weird but effective. I took a quick shower while Jonas was cleaning up / playing in his room.

Jonas’s friend J. came over to play. He’s been coming over a few times a week because his mom got a sub job and Jonas couldn’t be happier about it. They had a ton of fun playing with toys and then chose playing Katamari Damacy for their screen time. It is super cute to watch three year olds play a video game.

Me + blocks


Jonas + reading


me sick

Eliza Jonas cartoons

Afternoon: The boys and I had a slow moving day: we made giant block towers, played with Legos and Play Doh, and read a bunch of books. They had way more energy than I did towards the end of the afternoon, so after lunch I sat and read a book (American Gods) while the boys chased each other pretending to fly airplanes. Jonas pushed the button on the DSLR self timer a few times because he thinks it is hilarious.

My friend Steph came over to pick up J. and to intercept her other son T. (Eliza’s friend) when the bus came. The kids all wanted to stay and play together, but not this time. Errands awaited. I hung out with Eliza and Jonas some but was almost sleep walking. So E volunteered taking over Jonas duty so I could lay down. She did her homework and helped him do his “homework” in a practice writing book. I read and catnapped. They were making giant messes and watching TV when I came to check on them. They did art projects, book reading, and more pretend homework in the afternoon too.

Jake and Mom



brush teeth


Evening: I rested more. When Jake got home, he talked to me about an interesting website idea that he had and then he spent most of the night toying with the development. My mom took over dinner so I could stay curled up in bed. We had dinner together and then Jonas came up to make me feel better by singing the ABC song to me and telling me a story. Jake helped Eliza get ready for bed and I helped Jonas brush his teeth. He’s really independent, so we have to have a deal wherein he gets to brush his teeth after I do it for him.

Then I went to go pick up our friend Paul from work. I hate driving, but it was great to sing Fun. at the top of my lungs on the way there and talk to Paul on the way back. I dropped him off at an open mic night and then tried to work a bit before bed while Jake developed. We like working in the same room. Then we snuggled up and watched a bit of stand up on our iPad before falling asleep. I fell asleep without reading, which is REALLY REALLY rare for me.

That’s a day in the life at the Nerd Nest! This one happened to be pretty darn mundane, but that just goes to show that there’s always something to document, even on a day when you don’t get out of your pajamas.

Are you playing along with mid-month Day in the Life? Make sure to share a link with yours if you are!!!

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