Memory Keeping Challenge at the Nerd Nest | No Longer There #NNChallenge

I’ve missed doing the Document Life Workshop challenges, so I decided to start them up again here! I’ll be hosting bi-weekly memory keeping challenges here on the Nerd Nest every other Monday. Join in the challenge in whatever way you choose: with scrapbooking, blogging, photography, journaling, project life, videos, artwork, or any other method you love. Wahoo!

For the first challenge, I’m documenting something that is no longer there. For your take, this can mean a building that has been demolished, a local business you love that went bust, a person now estranged or passed, or a physical or metaphorical thing you’ve lost. Because there isn’t necessary a visual reminder of places, things, or people that were once part of our lives but are no longer with us, we can forget to include them in our memory keeping. But loss is part of our story, and can change the trajectory of our lives.

Memory Keeping Challenge at the Nerd Nest | No Longer There #NNChallenge

For my take on this challenge, I documented the tattoo shop where I got my favorite tattoo done. I thought I’d go back there for any future tattoos, but the owner committed a horrifying crime and the shop has since shut down. It may re-open under new ownership, but the horrible news story made me want to document my feelings about the place, which will be different whether or not it re-opens.

Supplies*: Studio Calico kits.

Memory Keeping Challenge at the Nerd Nest | No Longer There #NNChallenge

Tip: There’s no rule that says you can’t reuse photos! I’ve already included these photos on a page about the tattoo but used them in a different way for this page.

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Share your take on the challenge, and you could win a copy of Inspiration Vacation, an ebook by Allie and myself that helps you to decide where to put where you go. Here’s a bit more about the prize:

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Memory keeping is in no way a contest, but I know that prizes can be a fun motivation! One person who shares a take from their challenge will be randomly selected to win the prize. If you have a memory keeping business and would like to donate a prize for a future challenge e-mail me!

Memory Keeping Challenge at the Nerd Nest | No Longer There #NerdNestChallenge

Share your take with a link in the comments below! You can also use the hashtag #NerdNestChallenge on social media. I’ll be adding takes I find to the new Nerd Nest Challenges Pinboard too!

See you in two weeks for the next challenge and the announcement of the winner of this challenge!

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