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Yesterday Jake and I celebrated the 10th anniversary of our first date.

I created lists about each of the kids on their birthdays to create a picture of what they are like right now (Eliza at 8 and Jonas at 3). I thought it would be fun to create a list about Jake and I, and this mile marker seems like a good place to do it. I’m a little uncomfortable with being publicly mushy, so go easy on me in the comments, guys.

At 10 We…

…like to be in the same room, even if we’re doing different things.
…love learning new things together.
…haggle over pillow distribution almost every night.
…take pictures every day.
…rarely argue, unless one of us is “hangry”.
…prefer a night in with the kids or talking with friends to going out.
…are the default hosts for friend get-togethers.
…are working off our student loans.
…have an every other diaper system.
…diner hop for weekend brunches.
…are almost always on the same brain wavelength.
…debate to problem solve (our friends sometimes think we’re mad, but we’re not).
…trust and verify.
…think it’s hip to be square.
…are obsessed Whovians.
…share clothes sometimes, on purpose or accidentally.
…are madly in love with our neighborhood. And our kids. And each other, obviously.
…kick the crap out of every stereotype about high school sweethearts and shotgun marriages.