Planet Comicon Kansas City

Last year we were cooped up all Spring Break, but it was still a blast, mostly because I had the foresight to plan awesome activities ahead of time. So hopefully it’ll work again this year.

Here are some of my plans / ideas for this year:

  • We’re kicking off break with a visit from out of town friends! It also means we get to take them to favorite Kansas City places.
  • This weekend, we’re heading to Planet Comicon again! (We loved it so much last year.)
  • We’re going to try several science experiments. The sock-over-the-shoe to see what grows one is a winner for sure.
  • We’re going to plant seedlings in eggshells.
  • We’re going to the St. Patrick’s Day Parade.
  • We’re going to use a few of the craft and activity kits I’ve had stashed away since Christmas, like a DIY bouncy ball kit and a tie-dye kit.
  • I’m going to set up a kid swap with another mom friend so the kids can all have two days together and the my friend and I can each have a few hours to ourselves.
  • I’m going to try my darndest to finish reading the fifth Harry Potter book to Eliza, because we’ve been working through that FOREVER.
  • I’m hoping for a few (free) field trips, probably to Science City (we have a membership) and The Nelson.

I generally plan more things than we could possibly do, but I’m cool with that. It means options!

What were your favorite things to do on break when you were a kid? If you have kids, let me know if you have any brilliant ideas from experience!