I’m back again to share our food highlights, this time from the past two weeks (because I missed last weekend). I’ve made it a goal to make at least one new recipe a week, and over the past two weeks I tried three new things.

The first was oat bread. It was delicious, but too dense. My mom just clued me in that it’s because I haven’t been letting it rise long enough: recipes are written with fast rising yeast in mind but don’t tell you that. I’ve been using regular old dry yeast. Who knew?!? So I’m going to have to adjust my timing on this stuff.

I used the bread for toast with peanut butter, bananas, and honey, a breakfast passed down from my southern great-grandpa.


I also made less than successful buttermilk biscuits from the The Everything Classic Recipes Book. I’m not sure if the fail is due to the recipe or user error. Does anyone have a fantastic, fluffy biscuit recipe? Leave me a link PLEASE!


The last new thing lately was almond rosemary crusted chicken with spinach and parmesan orzo. The chicken was spot on (though I’ll add a bit more rosemary next time). The crust is panko crumbs and crushed almonds, which makes for a super crunch without having to use more than a drizzle of oil. It’s a win, for sure. I was less impressed with the orzo, which I was thinking would be creamier, more like a risotto. It was kind of sticky. I’ll adjust that for next time, too.


One of our easier dinners was apple brats with cheddar, rosemary roasted potatoes, and fruit.


We’ve had a bunch of dinners with guests lately. One night we had a “sky and land night” with friends. On the menu: fillet mignon, honey mustard chicken (pre-marinated), salad, rolls, and mashed potatoes.


For another friends night we made homemade pizza, which we always make using this crust recipe. We usually make our own sauce too, but opted for the store bought kind this round.


When our vegetarian friends came over, we made my favorite salad and cauliflower quiche with brussels sprouts.


The last big friends dinner I made was crock pot brisket from Better Homes and Gardens New Cookbook. Holy crap, this is delicious. If I could afford to buy fancy farmer’s market brisket every week, I would make this constantly. It was pretty much perfect, and it made fantastic sandwiches later in the week. I served it up with mashed potatoes, a spinach salad, and ciabatta bread.


I must be really craving spring, because we had yet another salad for a smaller friends dinner. Jake and I made Island Chicken Salad with my homemade Caribbean jerk rub. I didn’t have corn or tomatoes for it, so I added in avocado and dried cranberries. Next time I’ll have to add those into the mix with the corn and tomatoes!


Eliza was out of school one day this week, so she, Jonas, and I hit up The Filling Station together.


We go out to brunch almost every weekend, and this weekend we went back to Eggtc.. Jake is obsessed with their biscuits and gravy. I would like for everything to be drowned in their hollandaise forever and ever.

Those are our food highlights! What awesome things have you been savoring lately?


P.S. Our farmer’s market haul included spices, apples, onions, brisket, apple brats, and chicken.