Coffee at Broadway Cafe in Kansas City

This week I don’t have much in the way of dinners to share because my mom, who has been staying with us, took charge this week. So I thought I’d switch it up and share other meals!

Bcause coffee is my favorite edible on the planet, I’m counting coffee dates as a meal. The kids slept over at Jake’s parents’ last weekend, so we went on a coffee / hot chocolate date at Broadway Cafe. It’s really nice to take a break sometimes to talk about non-kid, non-work stuff. We also stayed away from the electronics, which we’re both happily addicted to, except to annoy people who follow both of us on Instagram with a double post of our coffee. What can I say, we like to compete for the better shot (I won)! Also, we love to spread the love for local businesses we like.

Coffee at the Filling Station in Kansas City

We don’t mind being one hit wonders, so we went out for coffee and hot chocolate the next day too, this time at The Filling Station. We walked around to some of our favorite shops in the neighborhood in the snow and played around with rosy cheeks. It was glorious. I love lattes a ridiculous amount, but have cut back on my coffee shop visits tremendously since we bought a house. Going out for coffee two days in a row was the best treat for me and felt super luxurious. Which is funny, because I used to get them every single day.

Pad Thai

Now for actual food. I’ve been making one new meal a week, but I feel like my first go at pad Thai barely counts because I used a canned sauce. (Maybe I’ll double up and make two new things next week.) I winged it: I bought pad Thai rice noodles, cooked them according to the package directions, and added in fried egg, sautéed chicken, broccoli, and red bell peppers with the store bought sauce. I added in a bit of hot sauce and soy sauce for more flavor and sprinkled crushed pistachios on top (because we didn’t have peanuts). It was really good considering it took very little effort.

Best Breakfast.

My very favorite breakfast is coffee with vanilla yogurt topped with Udi’s Vanilla Granola and fruit.

Easy lunches

Jonas and I usually have leftovers or sandwiches for lunch, but I knew that we’d have a lot of snow days to cover, so I bought extra food to take my sister and Eliza into account. I grabbed some easy, filling lunches, like veggie twirly pasta with canned sauce and sautéed asparagus.

Easy lunches

Tuna melts + plenty of fruit was another easy lunch.

Island Spice in Kansas City

Our friend Paul spoiled me with lunch from Island Spice. This “brown stewed chicken” had crazy amounts of flavor. I can’t wait to go back for more! The lunch was part of the Hot 103 Jamz Soul Food Tour. Kansas City people, you have to check that out, because there are daily $1.03 lunch specials at soul food restaurants around town every day in February!


The one dinner I was in charge of lately was chili (with the variation of this seasoning instead of a mix and more tomatoes + diced jalapeños instead of Rotel). This was another full house night (we have a lot of those–not many of our friends cook!) and was a perfect meal to warm everyone up after we’d been buried in snow for days.

For next week, I’m excited that we’re back to having weekly farmer’s market hauls to work with (yes!). Jake also fixed our mixer (because he has the coolest take-something-apart-to-see-how-it-works-brain), so we’re gearing up for some homemade bread. Back to weekly pizzas!

What have you been savoring lately?