Week 46: November 11-17

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This week there was a lot of playing at the park, Hungry Hungry hippos (the perfect game for Jonas), and messy feeding to my surrogate niece Ava.

The photo of Jake swinging high and Jonas on Eliza’s lap is one of my favorites. (Sorry about the glare. The sun bouncing off of all of the snow is making photographing spreads a little impossible right now.)


I’m still obsessing over the Cut and Paste Mini Kit by Amy Tangerine, so it’s the star of the show for this week. I just got her Plus One kit and it is just as good; I’ve already finished a layout with it! Bright colors, hip patterns and icons, and enough neutrals to tone things down as much as you need to. I’m hooked on Amy’s stuff forever.


Tip: Use washi tape to adhere a card to the outside of a page protector, so you can lift it up to reveal extra journaling or photos on the back of the card and underneath it!


I included the story from Jake’s The Great Acorn Depression post. I love having blog posts waiting for me with long stories. Usually I’ll make a separate page insert for something like this, but I decided to just squeeze all of the text onto extra cards. Some people might need a magnifying class to read the 7 point font, sure, but it’s still easier to read than my handwriting if we’re being honest.

Side note: I’m a little scared that my favorite Kelly Purkey white letter stickers won’t be restocked when they’re gone, so I bought (not even kidding) ten sheets. I use these suckers on everything and will go through mad withdrawal when I can’t use them anymore.

Tip: Choose a justified alignment of text on your page to get the look of a clean text block.


Eliza’s friend slept over and they had a blast! Some blurring because, you know, other people’s kids and all that. On the same night, we watched our baby niece Avery too. Because obviously, we’re crazy people.

Tip: My favorite DIY insert is a Design A page protector with 3 inches trimmed off of the side. I then seal the open pockets with staples or washi tape (I like Kelly Purkey white washi for a subtle look.) Sewing would work too, of course!



The back of the insert features Jonas snuggling my sister’s boyfriend (who does not love getting his photo taken, so I blurred him out to keep him a little happier about the whole situation), the kitchen gallery wall I hung, Jake cleaning the windows on the roof, and a bunch of Instagrams for the week.

The cards are a mix from past Studio Calico kits.

Tip: Wrap some journaling around the decorative element on a card so you add to rather than distract from the design!


Now for my favorite part: the Janelle Monáe concert, courtesy of our friend Paul. I, of course, had to include the selfie he took with her! The perks of being a radio personality are the best. The concert was absolutely amazing, so I wanted the page to stand out as much as the memory does.

I actually created this page first, using black and white that mimics Monáe’s style (Seafoam was the perfect fit), and it was a bit hard to work backwards to get the rest of the spread to flow with this page. In the end I used more black and white and pulled colors from the green and red in the photos.

Tip: Musical artists often sell button packs. Just remove the pins on the back and add some dimensional adhesive, like foam dots, and you have yourself some flair! I used the backing that the pins were on to decorate the cards too.


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