Jake and I have found some cool (nerdy) stuff on the web lately. Here’s some of it for you to enjoy!

  • We’ve really been enjoying the show Big History, which looks at how scientific concepts shape human history. Episodes show things like how tea and coffee were a major factor in the cause of colonialism, or how the availability of salt determines where big cities are formed. You can watch some of the full episodes online.
  • I love learning about the nature of creativity, and found this video on Why Brainstorming Doesn’t Work so very interesting.
  • Though I hope you American football fans enjoyed the Superbowl, I can’t help but do a bit of an evil laugh when I read that the game has an average of 11 minutes of live action.
  • A lot of the beinifits of yoga might sound a little hokey, but check out the benefits to your brain. Because neurobiology.
  • Makes sense: Your body language shapes who you are. (We’ve probably shared that before, but it’s Jake’s and my very favorite life hack.)
  • I think that the way language changes and evolves is fascinating, and the Internet is a catalyst for that change: English has a new preposition, because Internet.
  • Today is a snow day, so Eliza and I are planning to celebrate by making Star Wars snowflakes.
  • Another project E will love is this Geode String Art. She loves rocks and crystals and needs this in her life.
  • What interesting things have you found around the web lately?

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