#30Lists Base Using

My favorite challenge, 30 Days of Lists, begins March 1st, and I like to be prepared with a base. Listing is super simple: you can write them down in a notebook or on the back of a napkin really, but part of the fun for me is making them pretty.

While I do have time to write a list each day in March, I know that I’m not going to be willing to get out a bunch of supplies each day. That means I need to make a base ahead of time, so all I need to do come March is list! I made a simple base, just ready to be filled with 30 lists:




For my lists in 2013, I included inserts into my Project Life between weekly spreads. Here’s an example. For this time around, I decided to save space in my album and simplify even more by creating three spreads in 12×12 pocket pages that I will stick in the back of my album. Each of them has room for 10 lists, 1 title card, and one extra patterned card. Bonus: I had fun with the bright colors of the Amy Tangerine Plus One Mini Kit–I don’t have to worry about the lists matching a spread in my scrapbook!

Putting these pages together was easy: I just pulled out all of the cards from the kit with room for journaling and arranged them by color. I also took a peek at the lists (when you register, you can download them all ahead of time in the printable section if you don’t want to be surprised each day) so that some of the icons on the cards will correspond with the list topics. I’m also planning on filling out the titles ahead of time, but I skipped that step here so I won’t ruin the surprise for anyone!




There weren’t quite enough journaling cards in the kit, so I added grid cards to the patterned “filler cards” in a few places. I also made simple title cards on each page with label stickers and a #30Lists stamp. I’ll use labels to add titles to some of the cards, too. Otherwise, the only supply I’m using here on out is a pen!



I was out of Design F, so I decided to take a page from Elise’s book and sew some of my own pockets into a Design A protector. She has some great tips for sewing on the plastics! Adding in this step kept the cards that were in 4×6 pockets from sliding around, but they could have just as easily been put into place after I fill them out with staples, washi tape, or cute clips.

30 Days of Lists March 2014 | Creative Journaling Challenges for People Who Love To Make Lists

That’s my #30Lists base! It’s so simple that I almost feel silly for sharing it. Are you listing? Do you make a base ahead of time or do you make it up as you go?