Leisure, as baby Ava isn’t here today and I’ve been needing a break.

Reading Sweet Tooth, which I picked up at a used bookstore yesterday, and taking notes for a book hangout.

Getting outside with Jonas, even if it is super cold and a pain to get ready for it.

Editing photos to order for Project Life.

Making pillowcases for the pillows inserts I bought in January 2013.

Doing things I usually feel like I don’t “have time” to do, like play a video game. I’m thinking of breaking out the N64. Legend of Zelda, maybe?

Taking photos for the next few days’ blog posts.

Playing “sink or float” learning games with Jonas.

Heading to Science City this afternoon with the kids. (Eliza has early dismissal from school today. It’s also pajama day!)

Watching the last few episodes of Skins, Season 2, with my friend Paul.

Teaching Eliza about Impressionism.

Making Pork, Apple, and Cheddar Meatballs.

Snuggling up with Jake as I read for hours and he learns Objective C.


This exercise is a great way to document your right now! Make sure to share a link if you write what YOUR today is for too.