Tequila Lime Chicken | The Nerd Nest

We had a good food week around here! We started off with one of my favorites, tequila lime chicken… without the tequila. Because I’ve found that it doesn’t really need it. This meal is one of our family staples; I love how flavorful and simple it is.

Eggtc. in Kansas City | The Nerd Nest

Eggtc. in Kansas City | The Nerd Nest

We tried out Eggtc. for weekend brunch for the first time (weekend brunch is our favorite). I got a crepe with eggs, onions, and peppers on the inside with hollandaise and bacon on top. It was fantastic. I’m going to try my hand at crepes again at home! (Also, we’ll definitely be going back to Eggtc. for more.) We went to a movie afterwards and didn’t time things right, so we ended up going out to eat twice in one day–the second time at Panera Bread.

Orange Chicken | The Nerd Nest

Jake and I tried our hand at making orange chicken at home with Panda Express sauce. That allows us to make it a LITTLE more healthy than it would be if we got it there. I mean, the sauce’s first ingredient is still sugar, but at least the chicken wasn’t breaded and fried, right? The rice that went with it was jasmine rice with a bit of soy sauce, peas, and scrambled egg added in.

Brats, Fries, and Strawberries | The Nerd Nest

For a quick and easy dinner after an evening of errands, we had brats, baked fries, and strawberries.

crock pot ham and beans

My mom made us crock pot ham and beans with cornbread one cold night, which was super welcome. I’m so over winter.

Chicken Pot Pie

I made another winter comfort food favorite: chicken pot pie (which Eliza was especially happy about). I love that this is a recipe that can be easy or challenging. Sometimes I bake a whole chicken, make my own chicken stock, and make my own pie crust (or, more likely, Jake makes the pie crust). Other times (like this time), I buy a rotisserie chicken, frozen pie crust, and pre-made stock. The former is better, but the latter is doable on a weeknight.

Chipotle inspired steak burritos

Chipotle inspired steak burritos

For my new thing to try this week, I tried making Chipotle inspired steak burritos. I haven’t ever bothered trying to make them at home, because it is cheaper for Jake and I to eat there than it is for us to buy all of the ingredients. But we had a bunch of people over, and that’s a different story. Making it didn’t require much work: I tossed the steak in taco seasoning and fajita seasoning, threw a bit of cilantro and lime juice into my rice before bringing the water to a boil, and whipped up some guacamole (three small avacados + half of a diced sweet yellow onion + one diced jalapeno + chopped cilantro + the juice of one lime + salt). I also put out some black beans, lettuce, cheese, corn, sour cream, and salsa. All in all, a super easy dinner to make for a crowd.

What have you been savoring lately?