Make a baked potato bar for a party!

Make a baked potato bar for a party!

This week we had Eliza’s birthday dinner with our family. I had to come up with a good idea that she’d love, was easy and affordable to make for a lot of people, and was not pizza (because we just did that for Jonas’s party). We went with a baked potato bar! We had the standard toppings (butter, bacon, cheese, sour cream, and chives) along with a couple of extras. I made a really simple chili (ground beef + a can of chili beans + a can of Rotel + chili seasoning) as one topping. Then I made an easy broccoli cheese soup as another topping (bag of frozen broccoli + can of condensed broccoli cheese soup + a handful of shredded cheese + a cup of milk + crock pot). This concept went over really well and could easily be translated for vegetarians.

We also made a big bowl of fruit my favorite way: pineapple, strawberries, and blueberries tossed in honey an the juice from a few limes.

The Mac Daddy from McCoy's Public House

We went out to dinner at McCoy’s Public House with Jake’s parents and split our favorite: The Mac Daddy. It’s freaking amazing, but is way to rich to eat alone.

low and slow chipotle maple beef

beef ravioli with sage butter

For my new thing of the week, I tried out low and slow chipotle maple beef, the cover recipe from this month’s Every Day with Rachel Ray. The resulting roast was amazing: sweet, spicy, and super tender. The magazine had three recipe suggestions for it, but the first one I tried, beef ravioli with sage butter, didn’t turn out so well. It had great flavor, but the wonton “ravioli” fell apart and was mushy. This could be user error, of course, but I followed the directions and it didn’t work out, so there’s that. I used the rest of the roast to make barbecue sandwiches, which was fantastic.

What have you been savoring lately?