I’m waiting until I have a store of photos for my Project Life to order a big batch for January, but while I’m waiting to dive into my first month of spreads for 2014, I have been doing something every week for Project Life in the moment. I’ve been filling out a card for rukristin’s Currently Card challenge every Sunday to keep track of the everyday stuff I’ve been doing / feeling that doesn’t normally make it into the photos (or the books). I filled out the cards sporadically last year, but this year I want to work them into my weekly routine because the cards were some of my favorite parts of my albums from 2013. (Reflecting on last year’s memory keeping really helped me to decide which direction to go in for this year.)

The challenge is really easy; just take five minutes to document your right now with a Currently journaling card. You can start off with the free original Currently card, or you can grab some of the paid editions, like this month’s featured card. You don’t have to do the challenge weekly (though I think it’s a great interval to try for)–you can do it whenever you feel like it!

I had already decided to do Currently weekly when I received Kristin’s call to be a Currently List Ambassador, so that worked out perfectly! The only thing I’m changing is sharing them as I’m doing them instead of waiting until they’re slipped in with Project Life to show them off. You can watch out for more of my Currently lists on Instagram, Twitter, and Flickr.

What are you doing currently? Are you playing along too?

Want to keep up with the Currently community? Check out the Currently Facebook Group or search for #CurrentlyList on Instagram or Twitter!

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