Jonas's 3rd Birthday, Aquabats! Edition at the Nerd Nest

Yesterday was Jonas’s birthday! We spent the day eating his favorite foods, hanging out with his friends at Science City, and spending time with our family for a huge Aquabats! party. I think birthdays are a great time to capture a bit of what someone’s life is like in the moment, so I documented some of the things that really characterize Jonas as he turns three.

At Three You…

…usually don’t want to wear clothes inside.
…Love The Aquabats! Supershow, Doctor Who, and Magic School Bus.
…pour your own cereal in the morning.
…love pretending to be a kitty.
…make all toys “fly” with spaceship noises.
…never stop climbing on things and people.
…are turning everything into a “gum” to “pew” things, much to our dismay.
…are really in tune with others’ feelings and like to make others feel better.
…hate sleeping without your “B”s.
…are the sweetest snuggler around.
…think that anything Eliza does is super cool.
…love playing with friends your age, especially Nathan and Jonas M.
…take really long walks (two miles doesn’t even phase you).
…are very daring at the park.
…jump off of high things.
…are a sneaky Houdini ninja.
…love making baby Ava laugh.
…make everyone who visits snuggle with you…or you treat them as a jungle gym.
…are growing and exploring.
…keep us on our toes.
…always make everyone smile.
…are so very very loved.