We’ve been busy in the kitchen lately! We’re taking a it’s-cold-and-we’re-hermits break from the farmer’s market until after Christmas is over, but we’re still using some local stuff in our cooking. We’ve been working with some of our storage veggies, but most of our produce is coming from the grocery store and it feels super weird not to skip that section. We just cooked up our last yellow onion from August. Now we know for next summer: we can buy a TON more and it’ll last.

Here are some recent food highlights:

Eliza made us wonderful mini cheese soufflés with grape pistachio salad. Soufflés are fun to make with kids because rubbing butter all over the ramekins and watching them rise is really awesome. The salad give a really nice balance to the super rich soufflés. Also, this was the perfect thing to make while watching soufflé girl Clara run around with the Doctor. (Don’t worry, Clara, ours don’t always rise either.)

We’re trying to cut down on the eating out lately, so our weekend brunches have been home bound. To Jonas’s delight, Jake whipped out the secret family pancake recipe to make us all mouse pancakes. Which looked more like deadmau5 than Mickey Mouse, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. (Side note: I’m glad no-shave-November is over.)


The soufflés call for egg whites, so we saved the egg yolks for chicken carbonara. I love when I can puzzle together bits from two recipes so that things aren’t wasted.


I like to consistently try out new recipes, and a new-to-us winner lately was pecan crusted tilapia with brussels sprouts and couscous. I messed it up a little by accidentally over-grinding the pecans into a paste, so I mixed the paste with panko crumbs to retain the flavor but still get some crisp. Next time, I’ll just smoosh the pecans with a mallet instead. I also didn’t read the recipe close enough and overcooked the garlic, which is what those black bits are. Still good. I imagine it’ll be even better when I do it right next time.

Jake is anti-fish, so he had to make due with chicken strips.


It’s been super cold, so there has been a lot of soup making around here. Cheeseburger soup is a warm-us-up hearty favorite.


Also in the warms-you-up-good camp, we made coconut curry orzo. I switched out some of the veggies in the recipe for other ones; this is a good use-what-you’ve-got recipe to clean out leftover veggies out of the fridge, in general.

That’s our food highlights! Have you been eating anything delicious lately?