For my version of Ali Edwards’s December Daily this year, I started on November 24 so I could capture the week before December and how we celebrate Thanksgiving too. Because I’m using my photo and journaling prompts from Daily Doc | Holiday Edition to document the holidays, the extra days mean that I get to use more of the 40 prompts, too!



For prompt #17, I documented our kids and their friends making hand turkeys. Which was adorable.

The journaling reads:

“Ava, Jonas, Nani, & Eliza all painted their hands to make turkeys (and other creations) to celebrate Thanksgiving. It was the cutest. They are the cutest.”

Note on doing Project Life AND December Daily: there will be some overlap of stories told in both places. For instance, I’m putting the actual hand turkey pages the kids made into PL.



For prompt #30, I documented my Thanksgiving prep. I included photos of grocery shopping the day before (stupid) and close-ups of the food getting made! I love the bright colors of the sides. The triangle collage of cranberries and multicolored carrots was created with A Beautiful Mess App. I’m so excited about the new collages in the recent app update and the higher resolution images for printing!



The hidden journaling is on a tag behind a photo and reads:

“I was a bit disappointed in myself that I didn’t get the produce for Thanksgiving @ the farmer’s market. I went to TJ’s the night before.


For actual Thanksgiving, I decided to focus on prompt #21 and just get down what Thanksgiving is all about for us. (Other than food. We love Thanksgiving food.) I included as many family photos as I could squeeze in from our three family Thanksgivings Thursday (three!). I’ll get more words in Project Life, so I let the products speak for me:



Gratitude & Family: this is what it’s all about.

Now it is December 1st and a lot of you are joining in with Holiday albums too! What’s your approach to documenting December?

To take the pressure off and give me plenty of time to complete each layout and photograph it in daylight, I’m sharing a day in this album every afternoon through the end of the year, two days after the day I document! To tune into the daily documenting with photos and words, follow me on Instagram, Twitter, or Flickr. Find the rest of the album here.


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