To document the holidays, I’m using my photo and journaling prompts from Daily Doc | Holiday Edition to document each day, inspired by Ali Edwards’s December Daily. I’m mixing and matching, and I’ve printed out the list at the end of the workbook to help me keep track / get ideas each morning. For prompt #34, I documented my favorite holiday songs!


If you want to read more about this page and some other suggestions on how you can document holiday music, head over to Feed the Birdies for my guest post in her Five Days of Jingles series!


P.S. Day 2 had a transparent pocket with December 4th showing though, so I thought I’d share what the pocket looks like now that this page is finished!

To take the pressure off and give me plenty of time to complete each layout and photograph it in daylight, I’m sharing a day in this album every afternoon through the end of the year, two days after the day I document! To tune into the daily documenting with photos and words, follow me on Instagram, Twitter, or Flickr. Find the rest of the album here.

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Want to play along with me? Document the everyday, every day during the holiday season with Daily Doc Holiday Edition from Document Life Workshop! If you are signed up, share your takes on social media with #DLWDailyDoc. For your prompt takes, include the number of the prompt after your hashtag to help inspire others! (So for example, I included a #DLWDailyDoc3 for these photos.) We’ll also be linking up on Wednesdays at Document Life Workshop!