Mint Color Scheme in #DecemberDaily by Megan Anderson

To document the holidays, I’m using my photo and journaling prompts from Daily Doc | Holiday Edition to document each day, inspired by Ali Edwards’s December Daily. I’m mixing and matching, and I’ve printed out the list at the end of the workbook to help me keep track / get ideas each morning.

Mint Color Scheme in #DecemberDaily by Megan Anderson

The challenge over at Document Life Workshop this week is to Get Inspired by Something Sweet, so I went with a mint color scheme for these pages! Peppermint + Spearmint is a great spin on a traditional Christmas color scheme! I also kept candy cane stripes and peppermint circles in mind when choosing shapes and patterns.

Line a photo strip with ribbon by Megan Anderson

For prompt #24 from Daily Doc | Holiday Edition, I documented a little cousin cookie decorating party! It was pretty much the cutest thing, and was all my two year old nephew Nathan’s idea.

Use handwritten lettering cut out for a title by Megan Anderson

A few fun things going on in this layout: I didn’t have the size of letter stickers I wanted for the word “let’s”, so I hand drew it on card stock and cut it out! Also, putting a strip of ribbon or patterned paper at the top and bottom of a photo strip helps bring the focus in to the photos, especially if you are working with busy background paper.

Use a #projectlife card as a journaling spot on a traditional page by Megan Anderson

The journaling reads:

“Nathan really wanted to decorate cookies with E & J, so we went & they all went to town.”

Include everyday stories in your #decemberdaily by Megan Anderson

For prompt #35, I documented Eliza’s first obsession with a video game. This is an everyday story as opposed to a holiday one, but I find that the everyday stories are really important to the overall holiday story. Eliza always wanting to play her PSP is part of this year’s holiday season, for sure.

Hand sew a title by Megan Anderson

I love layering part of a Project Life card sideways to add titles or journaling onto busy patterned cards, and this time I added a hand stitched title, because I didn’t have pink stickers that matched the journaling card on the bottom. I always go for an easier solution first, but get more crafty if I don’t have quick options on hand.

Cover a card in fabric and make a border with washi tape by Megan Anderson

For the back of the “oh you” card, I adhered a fabric scrap to cardstock and folded washi tape over each side to create a border.

The journaling reads:

“Eliza is really into a video game for the first time! It is a cute little game with French music & she wants to play PSP for a lot of her free time.”

To take the pressure off and give me plenty of time to complete each layout and photograph it in daylight, I’m sharing a day in this album every few afternoons through the end of the year, a few days after the day I document! To tune into the daily documenting with photos and words, follow me on Instagram, Twitter, or Flickr. Find the rest of the album here.

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