To document the holidays, I’m using my photo and journaling prompts from Daily Doc | Holiday Edition to document each day, inspired by Ali Edwards’s December Daily. I’m mixing and matching, and I’ve printed out the list at the end of the workbook to help me keep track / get ideas each morning.



For prompt #9, I documented where we’ve been shopping this holiday season. I decided to skip the photo for this prompt-I didn’t want to give anything away for the kids when they look through the book before Christmas. I think it will be really fun to look back at where we shop for gifts, because it’ll change so much over the years, I’m sure!

This is a story that builds over time and isn’t limited to one day, so I decided to document it on a day that didn’t have other holiday stories I loved. “Over time” or “remembering the past” sorts of stories are great fillers if you miss documenting a day!


The journaling reads:

“Our holiday shopping is officially done! I bought a lot of the kids’ stuff from Think Geek (hello, Doctor Who). We also bough them books from Powell’s & 1/2 Price Books. We picked up more stuff (HP & DW) at Barnes and Noble. We finished off at Target (birthdays too!). Also on the list: a subscription to Kiwi Crate for E & calendars from Shutterfly for grandparents. All that’s left is sibling gifts!”



For prompt #2, I documented the ornaments we bought the kids for this year. We had so much fun taking pictures of hanging them! Also, it took us until December 11 to put ornaments and lights on our tree.




The journaling reads:

“Every year we buy the kids new ornaments. This year we bought them a TARDIS and a Dalek. What else sums up 2013?”


For prompt #12, I documented the DIY Christmas wreath I made! I think this is the first time I’ve acutally used traditional Christmas colors in this album. I’m really enjoying the bright, fun colors throughout.


The journaling reads:

“I made a DIY wreath for our porch out of the branches from the bottom of our tree, ornament hangers, an embroidery hoop, and tape. Pretty cool!”


To take the pressure off and give me plenty of time to complete each layout and photograph it in daylight, I’m sharing a day in this album every few afternoons through the end of the year, a few days after the day I document! To tune into the daily documenting with photos and words, follow me on Instagram, Twitter, or Flickr. Find the rest of the album here.

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