To document the holidays, I’m using my photo and journaling prompts from Daily Doc | Holiday Edition to document each day, inspired by Ali Edwards’s December Daily. I’m mixing and matching, and I’ve printed out the list at the end of the workbook to help me keep track / get ideas each morning.



I documented Eliza’s school concert for prompt #34 (which I’m doing twice, because there are no rules!).


The journaling reads:

“Jake got of early so he, Jonas, & I could meet Bev & Poppy at AL at 2 for E’s school concert. We loved how into singing the kids were. The improv dance moves were the best. So proud of you, E!”


Eliza’s classmates are blurred on here, but I love having a photo of all of them in the book. I’m also really lucky that Jake caught the perfect singing “O” face from Eliza in this shot!

I wanted to add on the titles of the songs they sang, so I added them right onto the photo by layering part of a Project Life card and a label. This also conveniently covered up distracting fellow parent photographers in the photo.


For prompt #15, I documented the photos Jake took of his brother’s little family. Baby Avery was so cute for her first Christmas!


I had Jake write the title, because his handwriting is fancier.


To take the pressure off and give me plenty of time to complete each layout and photograph it in daylight, I’m sharing a day in this album every few afternoons through the end of the year, a few days after the day I document! To tune into the daily documenting with photos and words, follow me on Instagram, Twitter, or Flickr. Find the rest of the album here.

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