Christmas in July | December Daily 2012 by Megan Anderson

I’ve shared a few of my favorite things to make in December just by starting on 2013′s version, but there’s more! Here’s some of my / our favorite things to make in December and a few of my favorite projects from years past:

Christmas in July | December Daily 2012 by Megan Anderson
I love participating in Ali Edwards’s December Daily, and this is my fifth year. Each year I’ve learned an grown and, for the record, each year I haven’t finished in December. But I have always finished! I finished December Daily 2012 last July, and tried using up what I already had (this one is my least favorite, visually).

December Daily 2011

I completed December Daily 2011 the following January, and tested out not making pages ahead of time.

December Daily 2012 | Front Cover

December Daily 2010 was completed the following February, but I had great notes to work off of and that made putting it together late easy!

December Daily 2009 | Cover

This one is my favorite. And I didn’t finish my December Daily 2009 until 2012. I got hung up that I didn’t take a photo everyday. That was silly! I used photos where I had them and did social media recon / found my notes to just write little bits about the other days. Have an unfinished album? Try finishing it off with what you have without fretting about what you are missing.

Santa's Harry Potter Scavenger Hunt

Probably the best idea we’ve ever had was to have a Harry Potter scavenger hunt Christmas morning to make a big priced tagged but little packaged present infinitely more exciting. This year we’re going to do something similar with (what else?) Doctor Who clues.

Music Sheet Wreath

A holiday project I made that ended up never coming down was this Music Sheet Wreath. It looks harder than it is, I promise!

2012 Calendar Tutorial

Every year, we make calendars of family photos for our parents and grandparents. Sometimes we go the all-handmade route, like we did in this calendar tutorial, but this year I’m thinking we’ll go with calendars from Shutterfly. They’re 50% off right now, so I’d better get on it! Does anyone have a review of their calendars?

Christmas Sweets

Christmas is the only time of year I go crazy making sweets. We give pretty boxes of them to lots of people on our gift list. The best of the best from last year? white chocolate and Nutella truffles from A Beautiful Mess and s’mores bars.

Tree Trunk Candle Holder

We’ve had a tradition since 2011 to use the sawed-off base of our Christmas tree trunk as a candle holder! It’s an easy DIY. We just made trunk #3 last night! You’ll be seeing a photo of how they all look together soon.

Canned Tree Advent Calendar

Can’t find the perfect advent calendar? Build your own! This one is made from up-cycled cans and doubles as a cute Christmas tree decoration!

Project Life 2012 | Week 51

Getting Christmasy in Project Life is extra fun!

Tilapia Tacos

Generally we make a lot of heavier food in the winter, but if you’re looking for something light, at least tilapia tacos LOOK Chirstmasy.

Ornament a Day 2011

I love looking at Eliza’s past handmade ornaments as we’re in the midst of our current round of Ornament a Day!

What are your favorite things to make around Christmas?

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