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This year I’m playing along with Ali Edward’s Day in the Life. At the end of each month, I’ve been documenting our routine.

I’ll be honest: totally forgot about Day in the Life in November. I thought about it on December 1st. Ooops! (I might shoot for doing this in the middle of the month in 2014 for this reason.) But I have some photos from the day, and the memories are still fresh, so I can make it work.

I have a few more photos that I’ll use in the scrapbook, but not here, because they’re of people who don’t love having their photo taken.

Here’s November 30!

Day in the Life // November | The Nerd Nest

Morning: The kids spent the night at their grandparents’ the night before, so Jake and I slept in late until about 10:00. We took morning slow, video chatted with the kids and Jake’s parents to see when they were coming home, and did some around-the-house stuff like dishes and laundry. Rita brought the kids home and stayed to chat with us for awhile. Jonas was super cute in some hand-me-down Jake 90′s clothes. Eliza was excited to make an ornament for her ornament a day.

Day in the Life // November | The Nerd Nest

Afternoon: The afternoon was pretty lazy too. Jake and the kids watched an episode of Doctor Who (one of the Christmas specials, of course) while I took a bubble bath and finished reading The Amber Spyglass. Then more cleaning, because we seriously neglected the house over the beginning of the break. Jake ran to get some ink and photo paper and a few spices we needed to restock. Eliza worked on cleaning out her desk (it’s got to get messier before it gets organized, right?). While cleaning, I found a missing Lego piece that connected a Scout Trooper speeder bike I was building. I spent a whole night putting together sets last week, because it drove me crazy that they were mixed up. This missing piece drove me even more crazy (I don’t want to talk about how long I spent looking for it), so finding it felt like VICTORY.

Day in the Life // November | The Nerd Nest

Evening: Our friends Tiffany and Burt came over for dinner! I made chicken tikka masala, which is pretty much my signature. We talked to our friends while cooking and the kids ran around, chasing each other and giggling. Jonas also did a lot of climbing on Burt, and loved to try to steal his hat. Jake was proud that he figured out a bootleg way to store the leftover rice and chicken without them touching (go Jake!). Side note- he was really happy that this was the last day of no-shave November. Tiffany made cheesecake, and we made homemade hot chocolate to go with it! We put the kids to bed and stayed up talking for a long time after (Jake may or may not have freaked Tiffany out with weird music videos). Then Jake and I got read for bed. I read and he played on his shiny new iPad.

That’s a day in the life over here. Did you do a day in the life? Share a link if you did!

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