Welcome to my third week of 30 Days of Lists December 2013! If you’re new to the party, #30Lists is a 30 Day Journaling challenge that makes documenting your life easy with 30 Days of Prompts–and it’s extra fun with a giant online community to share them with! I’m an ambassador for 30 Days of Lists, and you can read about why I love listing here, and can check my past lists here.

For this round of lists, I’m using these inserts in my Project Life, keeping it simple with Seafoam cards, other Project Life cards, and the free number downloads I designed for 30 Days of Lists December 2013 (one of the bonuses you get with registration!).

Also, I left a few cards blank for Jake and Eliza to fill in later! (I learned from September that they work better in batches.)


I like to avoid…

  • small talk
  • people selling something / bills phone calls
  • cleaning
  • leaving the house during the week
  • driving
  • my inbox
  • making appointments
  • drama
  • mean people


Favorite things to eat this time of year…

  • soft gingerbread cookies
  • hot drinks
  • Grandma Anderson’s rolls
  • more cookies
  • soups
  • party food


I wish I had done more _____ this year.

  • craft projects
  • HTML learning
  • yoga
  • playing outside



On my shopping list:

  • Party food
  • Last few presents
  • Kitty litter
  • Photo paper
  • Jeans and bras


Projects I FINISHED this year:

  • Day in the Life monthly
  • Weekly documentation
  • Project Life Lessons
  • Pipe bookshelves
  • Farmer’s market visits
  • Shakespeare / Poe / Frost Challenge
  • Susan G. Komen 5K
  • Fold It In
  • BUILD contribution


With a day to myself, I would…

  • Walk to get coffee
  • Read
  • Craft
  • Take bubble baths
  • Listen to loud music


Positive things from this week…

  • local concerts w/ Paul
  • warm weather days (but snow today!)
  • holiday parties started
  • reading The Hobbit
  • Lazy fun days with Jonas
  • lazy nights w/ E & Jake
  • got to go to E’s school

Have you signed up for 30 Days of Lists? How is your listing going?

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