#30Lists in #projectlife at The Nerd Nest

Welcome to my second week of 30 Days of Lists December 2013! If you’re new to the party, #30Lists is a 30 Day Journaling challenge that makes documenting your life easy with 30 Days of Prompts–and it’s extra fun with a giant online community to share them with! I’m an ambassador for 30 Days of Lists, and you can read about why I love listing here, and can check my past lists here.

For this round of lists, I’m using these inserts in my Project Life, keeping it simple with Seafoam cards, other Project Life cards, and the free number downloads I designed for 30 Days of Lists December 2013 (one of the bonuses you get with registration!).

Also, I left a few cards blank for Jake and Eliza to fill in later! (I learned from September that they work better in batches.)

#30Lists in #projectlife at The Nerd Nest

On my show watching list…

  • Misfits with Jake & Paul
  • Doctor Who with Jake
  • Game of Thrones with Paul
  • Dexter and Walking Dead alone
  • Magic School Bus with Jonas
  • Scooby Doo with Eliza

#30Lists in #projectlife at The Nerd Nest

My favorite outfits…

  • PJs + tank top
  • jeans + a grey t-shirt
  • green Chucks with everything
  • jeans + flannel or Sevenly sweatshirt
  • over & over & over & over & over

#30Lists in #projectlife at The Nerd Nest

I was a friend this year by…

  • lending my car
  • watching babies
  • opening my home
  • feeding people
  • consulting
  • emotional support

#30Lists in #projectlife at The Nerd Nest

#30Lists in #projectlife at The Nerd Nest

Without____, I’d probably _____.

  • Jake // have 1,000 cats
  • books // go crazy
  • coffee // be a psycho killer
  • $ constraints // world traveler
  • blogging // be lonely

#30Lists in #projectlife at The Nerd Nest

Places I went this year…

  • Denver
  • Table Rock Lake
  • Farmer’s Market weekly
  • Planet Comicon
  • the Maker Faire
  • Legoland
  • the circus
  • concerts (Janelle Monáe!)
  • Red Barn Farm
  • the Nelson (a bunch)
  • Loose Park (a bunch)
  • The Filling Station (a whole bunch)

#30Lists in #projectlife at The Nerd Nest

I get excited when…

  • there are kittens
  • my kids say something cute / do something awesome
  • I learn something new
  • new books from my fav authors come out
  • I get quiet time to myself
  • I figure something out

#30Lists in #projectlife at The Nerd Nest

Stocking up on…

  • presents! (Christmas + kids’ birthdays)
  • Winter reads
  • Project Life supplies
  • Winter break activity ideas


Have you signed up for 30 Days of Lists? How is your listing going?

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