I’ve been mega sick with the most evil of sinus infections over here, and things are finally starting to take a turn (yay!). Because I haven’t exactly had the energy for crafts and family fun, I thought I’d share my Top 5 Sick Day Favorites instead of the planned programming:

1. Warm liquid. Hot tea with milk and honey is my favorite throat soother. It’s the best. Unless there’s a lot of mucus involved, in which case milk makes it worse. At those times I switch to my favorite green tea, which for some reason I can drink straight. So thankful for this fav right now, because it is helping ward off those dry coughs that can tear up my throat with the magic honey lubrication.

Also, for some reason I can’t drink coffee when I’m sick (it’s like it highlights the flavor of snot or something), so it’s a little caffeine boost when I feel zombified.

My other hot liquid favorite it soup. Soup is soothing, filling, and warms you up. I’m all for some sick day soup. Today it’s going to be take out egg drop (because I’m useless), but chicken and noodles is always the best (though skip out on the milk if you are mucusy, again), and I’m all about any sort of dumpling soup. I need to whip up a few soup batches to freeze so we have them on hand for the next round of sickness to come.

2. Movies I’ve Seen a Zillion Times + Guilty Pleasure TV I watch an unhealthy amount of TV when I’m couch bound, and my favorites when I’m sick are movies that I’ve watched over and over again, like Star Wars or The Princess Bride. That way, if I dose off and wake back up again, it doesn’t matter that I missed half of the movie. I know exactly what I missed and exactly what’s going on.

When I’m a little more awake, I go for the guilty pleasure TV that I don’t watch too often &/or no one who lives here is likely to watch with me. This week it’s been Grey’s Anatomy and Dexter.

3. Easy Reads I love reading when I’m all cozied up in bed with a bunch of blankets, but chances are I’m going to fall asleep in the middle of a chapter. I’m also probably not going to have the brain power to understand some of my high brow favorites. So give me a good series: Song of Ice and Fire, Harry Potter, or some YA fantasy.

4. Yoga. When you are spending a lot of your time in bed or on a couch, you start to get new aches that aren’t from the sickness. Your muscles can get sore from sleeping in weird positions, you’ll get stiff when you haven’t been using your body, and I start to feel like a grandparent from Willie Wonka. Doing a super short yoga practice (like 5-10 minutes here and there for me) helps combats those body hurts that come from not moving enough and makes me feel so much better. (As always, consult with a doctor before you start new fitness activities.)

5. Help. Being sick means that I can’t do it all, and I’m super thankful for the help of those around me. Most of all doctors, because science is magic and I’m saying hello to getting better. Help from loved ones is just as important, like help from our friend Paul, who made us dinner one night and watched Jonas while I went to a doctor’s appointment, my mom, who randomly washed our dishes because we’re falling behind on house work, Jake, who has been primary caregiver lately and worked from home some today so I could sleep a few extra hours, and Jake’s parents, who watched the kids one night last weekend so I could spend a day mostly sleeping in a quiet house. People are the best, and I’m so thankful for all of them.

What are your sick day favorites?

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