Last night, one of our neighborhood friends posted a picture she found of her house from 1940. We love that some of our friends in our historic neighborhood have photos of what their houses looked like years and years ago, and I have always been curious about the history of our 104 year old home. I was so excited that I could look through the Kansas City 1940 tax assessment collection for our own home! (Thanks for posting that!)

getimage (1)

getimage (2)

Finding our home was tricky and took an hour or two. I had to go through a bunch of old (kind of confusing) maps to find our block number, and after that it was looking through a bunch of photos of individual photos on our block. I had a few false starts, because there are a lot of houses in our neighborhood that are very similar to ours.


When I finally found it, I got super excited and Megan jumped up and down with me. I also went to show our next door neighbors their house (they were hanging out on their front porch) and they thought it was awesome too.

It was also neat to see what some of the buildings in our ‘hood looked like in the ’40s. We’re going to have fun taking a trip down Kansas City memory lane.

We’re really excited that we can request a higher resolution of the photo, so we can have an antique photo of our house IN our house!!!

Credit all photos: Missouri Valley Special Collections, Kansas City Public Library, Kansas City, Missouri

Is there any system for your city or town that allows you to search for historic photographs?