Daily Doc // Holiday Edition!

Are you ready to document your holidays?

Announcing Daily Doc– Holiday Edition!

The holidays are rich with tradition, magic, and memories in the making. However, they are also the busiest time of the year for some of us, so it can be difficult to capture that magic.

Don’t miss out on documenting the special holiday season during the hustle and bustle! Document the everyday, every day during the holiday season with Daily Doc: Holiday Edition by myself and Allie!

Daily Doc // Holiday Edition!

This workbook is a regimen. A daily workout aimed to help you make documenting everyday life part of your routine by focusing on what matters: taking photos and writing words that document your life. All it takes is one click of the camera each day and a few sentences of journaling. With 40 holiday prompts, you’ll capture the special details of your magical season, and those memories will be ready and waiting for you when you want to use them to make a mini book, write a blog series, share a social media album, or fill a scrapbook— and the details will be just as rich if you use that documentation the day of or next July.

These prompts would be perfect for your December Daily™ or your December Memories album– or just doing as a personal project for you!

Can’t commit to documenting daily?

Use the prompts as a checklist to document the details of your holidays that you may take for granted. The goal is to capture memories, not to add stress!

Daily Doc // Holiday Edition!

Self Paced Workshop Includes:

  • 40 holiday photo and writing prompts—there are extras so you can skip any that don’t apply to your holiday celebration!
  • Richly designed 45 page PDF workbook you can use to keep track of your journaling.
  • Forward from Megan and Allie detailing the benefits of daily documentation with tips on making documenting part of your routine.
  • Some prompts are inspired by holiday traditions, but most easily translate across multiple December holiday celebrations—not just Christmas!

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