Trying Stuff = Awesome Blog Content | How to get 5 blog posts out of trying something new by Kam of Campfire Chic

This post is brought to you by Kam of Campfire Chic.

My One Little Word for the Year is BRAVE. I love the word and am even considering making it my word for 2014, too. Why I do I like it? A part of being brave is trying new things. The awesome part of trying new things? You can blog about them!

How great is it to get fantastic blog content from your own experiences of stepping out of your comfort zone and trying new things? I’ve posted about yoga, Pilates, hiking, backpacking, rock climbing, bouldering, kayaking, canyoneering…the list goes on. And I’m not talking about one post from each of these new things…

Say you decide to start doing yoga and you want to share your experience with your blog readers. You have 5 built-in types of blog posts just from trying something new:

Stating Your Intent – That initial post where you announce to the world that you plan on trying something new and how you plan on going about doing so and how you will document the experience. This is a great post for sharing what you know about the activity, linking to articles or blog posts on the topic, and to state a goal you set for yourself.

Asking for Help – This is the type of post that invites a TON of interaction from readers and followers. Asking for help is looking your readers in the eye and inviting them to share their thoughts with you. This may be broad (How should I go about doing this?) or it can be more specific, (What is your favorite type of yoga?). With the yoga example, it may even be a more personal post, How can I feel more comfortable during a yoga class? Or, if you are a mommy blogger, what are your favorite pre-natal poses? People love to give their opinions, and opening up and showing your readers that you are human, too, really helps increase interactions and build community.

Thoughts on Your First Time – You found a studio in your area, you drove over wearing your most comfortable shirt and favorite leggings, and rocked the class…or maybe you didn’t. Reflecting on the class and sharing your thoughts on the experience will help others who may be interested in trying something new. Maybe you have tips you learned from your first time and want to share those tips with your readers, or maybe you want to show off the outfit you wore and how your pedicure matched your new yoga mat!

How You Continue Doing That Activity – You can only write this post if you continue doing whatever it is you started, so put this on your editorial calendar NOW and you’ll have even more of a reason to stick with your new activity! If you take up trail running, why not write a post about a new trail in your neighborhood? Or if you take up quilting, maybe you write a blog post about the charity event you’re participating in involving your newfound hobby? Sharing updates like these may inspire others to join you or to try new things on their own.

Tips for First Timers – These are my favorite posts to share on Campfire Chic. I love getting the type of advice that is generally shared in these posts because it’s not every day you’ll get a “beginner’s” advice on something! Usually you get advice from somebody who is well-established in an activity and maybe forgets how scary it can be.

Personally, I LOVE series of posts that allows me to read along as somebody goes through and learns about something new. I like the posts where things get real and the author talks about the speedbumps she encountered along the way and what she learned about herself in the process.

Things I’d love to try in the coming year:

  • Making my own beauty products (shaving cream, body polish)
  • Making my own bread
  • White water rafting
  • Camping in the snow
  • Ice climbing

What do you want to share on your blog? Can you use these 5 blog posts for any of the hobbies/activities/experiences you have?

Kam is the blogger behind Campfire Chic where she shares her story as a crafty camper. She was inspired to write this post by the BUILD ecourse. Get your content under control and build a foundation for better blogging with the BUILD ecourse from Amy of Lemon & Raspberry. When Kam isn’t spending time working through the ecourse, she can be found climbing in a local gym, scrapbooking a weekend in a National Park, or tweeting her latest #cubiclelife musings.

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