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Welcome to the 30 Days of Lists blog hop for the first every December edition of the challenge! We know that the hundreds of listers out there are itching for listing to begin December 1, so a bunch of us picked challenges from the free March 2011 lists lists to tide us over. If you want tons of listing inspiration NOW, you can check out the self-paced past challenges also.

(Not familiar with #30Lists? Click here to learn more and see what’s included!)

I picked “Weekend Goals,” because I knew the list would be an awesome addition to the week’s Project Life spread! Here’s my list, in case you can’t decipher my handwriting:

  • clean the windows
  • go to brunch
  • record ornament a day
  • go to the park (which I accidentally wrote twice)
  • #30Lists base
  • laundry
  • groceries
  • ReBook
  • E’s trees

I got to check off a happy amount of items on the list, too! Doesn’t that feel good?

Hop along and see what the founders and ambassadors are listing, then pick a list from the March 2011 lists to do yourself!

Want to see another example? Here’s the list from September’s blog hop. Want to see how I’m planning on listing this round? Check out my base.

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